If the education of your children is important to you then you’ll want to take a look at the Costa Rica website that I came across only this morning and learn more about the amazing woman behind it…

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Costa Rica is full of fascinating people from all over the world. This country attracts the more ‘adventurous’ type of person, the ‘independent thinker,’ the person that is strong in spirit, mind and body. Sure! We have a few whiners and the occasional scam artist that you need to watch out for but, the whiners don’t stay long or they thankfuly mature and stop whining and it all makes for a very colourful life.

We have many parents in Costa Rica who have decided that they don’t wish to have their children educated in the ‘traditional’ educational system ‘back home’ and have chosen to educate their children at home.

We know that if we want the same results, all we have to do is to keep on doing the same thing as everyone else right? And if we want dramatically different results? Then maybe as parents, we should consider educating our children in a dramatically different way …

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There are many different phrases used for ‘home-schooling’ or ‘un-schooling’ but the bottom line is that the parents have taken total responsibility for their children’s education. As long as they are following a sensible, well-structured system the benefits to the children and to the parents can be tremendous.

One of the main goals for home schooling families, which seems common in all the different teaching styles, is to teach the children how to teach themselves. Because of this, when they do go to college they are usually more focused and can apply themselves better than the kids just coming out of high school.

Home schooled children are able to converse better with adults, they don’t have to deal with all the peer pressure that you find in schools (not to mention drugs and guns) and they understand that ‘who’ they are is far more important than ‘what they wear’ to school.

In the US alone there are close to two million children being home schooled and it’s increasing by 7-15% every year so the colleges are aware that many of the children coming in have been home schooled.

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It’s important to note that home schooling is NOT legal in Costa Rica.

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