This week I was reminded of one of my foremost needs: the avoidance of PAIN.

Last Sunday I started having a severe toothache. I had not required the services of a Dentist in Costa Rica up to this point, so I had to ask for recommendations.

I asked Walter Holloway, the 68-year-old man from Arizona who rents our apartment who shares my need to avoid pain, if he knew of one. He was enthusiastic in recommending one he had used in San Jose. He claimed he was very competent AND inexpensive.

When I called the Dentist’s office Monday morning, I was very surprised to be connected to the Dentist. He listened attentively to my description of the problem and asked if I could come in that afternoon at 2PM.

When I went in to the office, I was greeted by one of his assistants and waited only five minutes to be taken to one of his workrooms. He entered, introduced himself and asked about my feelings about living here in Costa Rica and then about my condition.

He discovered I am taking high blood pressure medicine and explained he would use a special local anesthetic for this. His English is excellent and his attitude of compassion very sincere.

He was very proud to show me his state of the art equipment and explained his commitment to sanitation and his desire to perform all procedures without pain.

After a brief exam, he recommended a root canal. I accepted and he proceeded with as painless a root canal as I have had anywhere in the States. I returned Friday to have the permanent seal put on the cap he had drilled through. This visit was tougher because he went in and cleaned out the root, but Dr Chen was very pleasant and concerned about avoiding pain.

Now for the real avoidance of pain part of this experience, the cost – 20,000 Colones. That is US$54.05 dollars for everything. You could pay for an airline ticket down here for the difference in cost.

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