On the 9th June 2005 you would have found me with a group of friends at the Melico Salazar Theatre in San José.

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We were thoroughly enjoying a performance of the Trinity Irish Dance Company which was founded by the English dancer and choreographer Mark Howard in 1990 in Chicago.

The dance company is made up of 22 dancers and half a dozen musicians included a multi-talented Ned Volkerth on the drums (flute & didgeridoo). It was one of those vibrant performances where you simply could not prevent yourself from tapping your thigh, stomping your feet or nodding your head to that great Celtic beat.

The dances managed to combine traditional Irish dance styles with ballet and some more jazzy tap numbers. There was one piece called Goddess that started with both Indian music, chanting and costumes that did not appeal to me and seemed completely out of place for a concert featuring an Irish Dance Company.

I don’t know exactly ‘why’ but wherever I have attended a Celtic music concert, whether it’s in New York, London, Glasgow (Scotland) or even San Jose, Costa Rica, it always seems to me that the performers AND the audience never stop smiling, laughing and generally having a bloody good time!

At the end of the evening, the audience certainly showed their appreciation with some really raucous applause and a standing ovation.

I am not going to tell you we have Celtic concerts too often but did you know that on a per capita basis, little San José, Costa Rica has as many theatres as London and New York City?

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