The authorities warn tourists and surfers about the dangers.

Yesterday a large crocodile bit the left-leg and foot of a 16 year old Costa Rican surfer Luis Alonso Murillo Segura while practicing thirty metres from the shore.

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The incident happened at 11:50am on the beach in Esterillos West in Parrita, Puntarenas which is a beach frequented by many foreign tourists:

The young man was eventually transferred Parrita’s Clinic by the Red Cross ambulance. Dr. Alfonso Vargas Cascante attended him saying that the boy had lost a lot of blood and was had bites 5cm deep on his legs and foot

Costa Rica Crocodile Attack:

The victim told reporters that the crocodile had an enormous head, bit down on his leg, turned him around twice and did not know why the crocodile eventually released him.

A neighbour that helped rescue young Luis Alonso Murillo Segura stated that he felt the crocodile was about four metres in length (13 feet)

Our thanks to Charles Arguedas C and James Small Cart and our friends at La Nación – Costa Rica’s largest Spanish circulation newspaper for their permission to include their news reports.

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