Costa Rica, until recently, has been over-looked as one of those offshore jurisdictions where one might arrange one’s personal, or corporate affairs.

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Costa Rica is able to offer these professional services in a very competitive and “world-class” manner.

Accordingly, legal and administrative costs associated with such activities as incorporating a company, and the annual management and record-keeping fees, are significantly lower than in more high profile jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Nevis, B.W.I., and Panama, offering similar services.

For example, the cost of incorporating a basic company in Costa Rica, including registration fees, would be approximately US$650, whereas the same service in Nevis would cost US$850, and in Panama the service would cost US$1,350

Ancillary services, such as the provision of corporate directors, nominee shareholders, and corporate mailing addresses are also significantly less in Costa Rica than other jurisdictions offering similar services.

Apart from the obvious significance of offshore investing opportunities, the usefulness of a Costa Rica corporation to hold assets such as real estate or a vehicle, within Costa Rica, is also a relevant consideration, for those resident in the jurisdiction, on either a full or part-time basis.

The obvious significance of holding such assets in a Costa Rica corporation rather than personally, is the ease of transfer on sale (merely transferring corporate stock between seller and purchaser) and the avoidance of transfer fees and taxes which would otherwise be attracted by filing such a transfer in the National Registry.

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The limited liability aspect of a Costa Rica corporation, is also a valid consideration in insulating the party enjoying the particular asset, from liability claims in negligence which may arise. Only the assets of the company would be at risk in such circumstances.

Having considered the foregoing, Costa Rica remains a very “business-friendly” jurisdiction in which to arrange your personal, or corporate affairs.

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Written by Lic. Rick Philps. Richard (Rick) Philps is a Canadian citizen, naturalized as a citizen of Costa Rica. He was born, raised, and educated in Victoria, British Columbia, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1977, and a Bachelor of Laws Degree (English Common Law) in 1980, from the University of Victoria. He thereafter practiced law in Victoria, as a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, for fourteen years, prior to moving to Costa Rica in 1998.

Mr. Philps returned to university in Costa Rica, earning his Bachelor of Laws and Licensing Degrees (Civil Law), from the Metropolitana Castro Carazo University, and a Post-Graduate Degree in Notary and Registry Law, from the Escuela Libre de Derecho University, in San Jose, is a member of the Costa Rica College of Lawyers, and has practiced law in Costa Rica for five years. Mr. Philps practices law in the areas of real estate and development, corporate, commercial, contract, and banking.

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