The computer and the internet join forces with the Costa Rica construction business on a new website.

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The number of Costa Rica construction websites with comprehensive information about building and decorating, where value-added services and multimedia tools are offered, is very limited indeed.

However, things are changing for the better, because about a month ago a new Costa Rica construction website called was set up.

It is a specialized Spanish site, which at the moment offers more than 3,000 products related to Costa Rica construction and interior design of houses and multiparty buildings.

[custom_script adID=150] includes a search facility on it’s home page where the user selects a category and a product then clicks on ‘Ir’. (Go!)

The user is then able to retrieve the requested information. Once a particular product is selected, there is the option of getting a price quote from a distributor, and/or contacting the supplier directly.

This webpage has the goal of becoming “a source of information both for the general public and professionals interested and involved in building and decoration themes”.

“It also serves as a collective data center, creating direct links between the interested in building matters and the suppliers available in the country” says the architect Maria de los Angeles Solís, one of the originators of the site.

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The idea originated because of the needs of the consumer who faced the task of building a home, immersed in an unknown world, asking what product to buy and where, where the information was jumbled and spread out all over the place…

Alexander Víquez, owner of a home under construction and member of the website had the initial idea. As he was finishing his MA in business administration at the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (ITCR) – Institute of Technology of Costa Rica – he set up, as his graduate thesis, a webpage focusing on information about the building sector.

On its home page, with easy graphics and in simple Spanish, the surfer can click on the different sections, such as “Suppliers Guide”, “Job Exchange”, “Contacts”, “Subscriptions”, “Advertisements”, among the classics of “About us” and “Contact us”.

“The idea is, that the user can retrieve all of the information from a single website, like information about a specific product, suppliers, services, and their corresponding addresses”, commented Ms. Solís. There is also a section about news of the market, called “Suplemento”.

The site also offers cross-links for providers, so that marketing strategies can be fully taken advantage of. If the supplier does not have a webpage of its own, offers the option of setting up an associated website, where the consumer can look up specific details about the product and the company.

The website also offers additional services for its customers, for example the “We help” section. This section allows the on-line publishing of projects with a strong social importance. Interested companies can support directly the project. In exchange, the company will create a socially responsible name for itself and hopefully motivate others to contribute to society.

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Our thanks to our friends at La Nacion – Costa Rica’s largest Spanish circulation newspaper for their permission to use their article in English.

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