They’ve never seen anything like this before in Puntarenas.

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Thanks to the new zoning plan that was approved in early 2007, this group feels comfortable investing tens of millions of dollars building a luxury condo apartment resort and marina in Puntarenas, Costa Rica over the next few years.

Maybe you’ll feel comfortable too… With a luxurious Costa Rica condo apartment with a view to the north of the estuary and the marina, where your boat is less than 100 metres away?

Spectacular Pacific Ocean Views and Marina Views:

Then you glance around behind you to the South and see that big blue Pacific ocean stretching out before you with the islands of the Nicoya Peninsula glittering in the distance.

Yes! This section of Puntarenas is less than 400M wide so depending on the floor, you could have not just one, but two incredible views and at an unbeatable price.

This real estate development group has significant experience and a proven track record in building luxury condo resorts and marinas in Venezuela and now, they’re going to beat the pants of the competition in Costa Rica!

There is a marina further down the coast but in comparison, these Puntarenas luxury condo apartments and the marina are half the price and, this is a better location for boat lovers and fishermen.

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Written by Scott Oliver, author of How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa and Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore. This new feature was created at the request of numerous VIP Members who have asked us repeatedly to recommend experienced developers with a proven track record who are building quality homes in Costa Rica.

Although Scott Oliver does not personally sell real estate, he would be happy to Help-U-Search for your perfect property in Costa Rica.

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