Savvy investors make well educated decisions and act at the right time based on the information available in the market.

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Many of the decisions that are made in other markets incorporate a market analysis obtained from an MLS system, and although an MLS is on the horizon for Costa Rica, it has not yet developed to the point that it is a tool to assist investors in making sound decisions.

This may be striking if you are still acquainting yourself with the Costa Rica market, but rest assured, information is available and can assist you in your decision making process.

Jacó is a particularly unique market in Costa Rica because beach front titled condos are available. Additionally, Jacó will always be unique in Costa Rica because other communities do not have beach front titled property at same scale as Jacó, have restrictions against vertical development, and do not have quick access available to San Jose through the most modern highway in Costa Rica.

The result is that Jacó will never be duplicated. Fortunately for those of us working and investing in Jacó, these characteristics push our beach community to the forefront of the real estate market for Costa Rica and internationally.

In a recent study by our office in Jacó, all of the condo developments on the beach front in Jacó with fee simple titled condos were analyzed and recent sales were documented and verified.

The final product is the updated Jacó Condo Analysis which takes inventory of what is available, what has sold, and what it means. This compilation has been put together by real estate professionals who live in the market and have a tremendous amount of local knowledge.

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Each development has a story of its own, so to speak, and understanding the trends present in each community can be a tremendous advantage in deciding which property will be the best for your investment goals.

While most reports lack hard numbers backed by data, the Jacó Condo Analysis discusses information not found in other reports. Do you want to know the average price per square foot of documented sales (not the seller’s asking prices but the real number), the floor plans that have been seeing the most movement, or information about developer inventory levels?

Simply request to receive a copy of the report and include a valid phone number and email address, and we will be happy to send you the report and discuss the findings with you. While this report is certain to increase your knowledge of Jacó, it will not replace the experience of working with a local real estate professional.

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Costa Rica Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher.

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