Costa Rica Condos – Buy Direct From The Developer & Save A Bundle!

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A well trained, professional real estate agent in Costa Rica does a great job and offers a very important, sometime invaluable service but, it’s not easy to identify the best ‘professionals’, some buyers don’t need them and many construction firms will not deal with them…

I met with the Sales & Marketing Manager of a large real estate condo development company a few weeks ago and he confirmed what we all know…

Their firm was tired of the very unprofessional, unqualified and often unethical real estate agents that they had seen in the past and their policy now is NOT to deal with real estate agents

The Sales & Marketing Manager, like the three sales staff that helped me with my inquiries were all all well-trained, honest and extremely knowledgeable about their homes – True ‘professionals.’

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The big disadvantage for you is that none of the developers that focus on building ‘affordable’ condos for the Costa Rican market that I have met so far have staff and systems that cater to English speaking real estate buyers…

Why am I speaking with them? Because many of you, my VIP Members have requested more information about these affordable priced condo projects and I wanted to see if there was a simple way to bring you that ‘hard to find’ information about good quality, affordable homes in Costa Rica.

Because if you buy straight from the condo developers, you can save a bundle!

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For example this firm builds and sells hundreds of new condo homes for US$100 – $200K in the Central Valley area and their prices are good because…

  • They often build 250 houses at a time and as large condo developers (by Costa Rica standards) they can buy the land and their construction materials at more favorable prices.
  • This is not a scientifically proven conclusion, but from what I’ve studied over the past six years, this normally enables them to sell their homes at a discount of at least 20% compared to similar homes available in the market.
  • They have their own (very professional) in-house, salaried sales staff and their policy is to refuse to pay outside real estate brokers a commission which is why your broker will never show you these properties but, that means you’re also saving 5% in broker commissions there…

Saving 25% ‘here’ and another 5% ‘there’… Now you’re talking about serious money.

If you have a serious interest in buying affordable Costa Rica condos from the developers in and around San José, please insert your email address and answer the three little questions in the form below:

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Written by Scott Oliver, author of How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa and Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore.

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