But when people looking for new homes in Costa Rica meet with a real estate agent who insists on showing them expensive homes and apartments in the most expensive areas, the visitor goes ‘back home’ thinking that new condo homes in Costa Rica are expensive… Wrong!

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I know many people that have bought Costa Rica condos (or built their own) very comfortable homes for around US$100K and they’re delighted. Their real estate may not be located in the most exclusive areas of the country but is your own home now located in ‘the’ most exclusive area? Or do you perhaps live in a typical middle class area like most of us?

We must remember that an average middle class ‘Tico’ family will consider a US$100-150K home in the same way that you might think of a $500K home so there’s obviously a huge selection of condos in this country being built specifically to cater to those home buyers with that budget in mind…

If I was to come to your home town and meet with the real estate agents who had all the fancy advertising in your area… I’d probably end up buying a more expensive piece of property than I would have done if I had sat down with you as my ‘friend’ and asked for your help in finding a great property, right?

The same applies to property in this country…

Why? Because you’re not trying to sell me anything, yet you have the intimate, real life ‘insider’ knowledge about your area that I need.

You know the best, most affordable condo developments, the most romantic restaurant that you and your spouse always go to on your anniversary and you know all about the schools and … You are helping me as a friend and not expecting a commission!

That’s my job! I’m your ‘amigo‘ in this country. I’m here to Help-U-Search and help educate and protect you so that you make an informed decision about property in this country but …

You’ve heard me say it before – As far as real estate in Costa Rica is concerned – I would strongly recommend that you REALLY take a good look around before you buy real estate. This one simple piece of advice has saved people millions of dollars …

I am not a real estate agent, I have no burning desire to sell you anything and already make a great living so I don’t mind if you never buy anything from me … However, I do mind if you end up making a poor decision because of bad advice and then end up unhappy in this country.

‘La Nacion’ is by far the biggest Spanish language newspaper in Costa Rica and I always buy La Nacion especially on Saturdays to see the real estate supplement and take a look at some of the real estate advertisements.

Now I must point out that I have not visited most of these projects and some of them may be no more than a simple, concrete box but you have to start somewhere.

I have only seen a few of these in person and most of them in the newspaper so I can NOT personally recommend any of these developments but, they are all brand new homes and some of them have been built by very reputable Costa Rica construction companies…

There are tens of thousands of properties for sale and you’ll be able to see many more listed on the www.nacion.com website but here’s a handful of them for you…

As you can see though, not all of these Costa Rica condo developers have websites.

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  1. New condo homes at Boulevard de las Palmas from US$71,000 – This is a good company which I do know well.
  2. New condominium homes at Condominios Iara
  3. New homes at Real de Colina from $83,200
  4. New apartments in Santa Ana at Casa del Sol from US$75,000
  5. Loft type townhouses in Curridabat from $60,000
  6. New homes from US$43,900 in San Francisco de Heredia
  7. New condo’s being built near Hotel Irazu in San Jose starting at US$85,000
  8. New La Plantacion homes in Barva de Heredia from US$60,000
  9. New ‘Condominio Guaria Blanca’ homes in Santo Domingo de Heredia from US$80,000
  10. New homes in San Joaquin de Flores from US$90,000
  11. New homes in San Francisco de Heredia from about $60,000
  12. New ‘Residencial Milenio’ homes in San Joaquin in Heredia from US$55,000
  13. New ‘Valle Arriba’ condominiums in Escazu from US$90,000
  14. New ‘Brisas del Oeste’ condominium apartments in San Jose from US$90,000
  15. New ‘Santillana del Mar’ homes in Heredia from US$75,000
  16. New ‘Villa Luisiana’ homes in San Joaquin de Flores from US$100,000
  17. New homes at ‘Montelindo Residencial’ in Moravia from US$55,000
  18. Las Flores 132 sq metres of construction from US$45,000
  19. Las Flores 155 sq metres of construction from US$90,000
  20. New luxury one bedroom apartments in Escazu for under $105,000
  21. Cala de Belen from US$100,000
  22. Residencias Cibeles in San Isidro de Heredia from US$100,000
  23. Residencial Jerez in Heredia from US$60,000 – Spanish/English website
  24. Residencial ‘Flor Natalia’ – From US$105,000 – Same website as above
  25. ‘Calle Colonial’ – From US$90,000 – – Same website as above
  26. ‘Residencial Quizarco’ – From US$95,000 – – Same website as above
  27. Condominio Zenit in Moravia (San Jose) from US$100,000
  28. New 2/3 bedroom Catalunia homes from $45,000
  29. Puente de Piedra from US$75,000
  30. La Plantacion in San Roque de Barva from US$55,000
  31. Villa de La Rambla in Belen from US$110,000
  32. Also in Belen ‘El Paso de las Garzas’ from US$85,000
  33. ‘Torres de la Colina’ en Bello Horizonte (Escazu) from US$75,000
  34. ‘Condado de Palacio’in San Jose Condominiums from US$75,000
  35. ‘Condominio Campo Real’from US$55,000
  36. ‘Residencial Puente de Piedra’ in Heredia from US$75,000
  37. Around the capital city Land for sale in different areas.

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Happy house hunting!

If you would like to communicate with a real estate professional who focuses on Costa Rica condos in the Central Valley area priced between $100-$200K, please use the form below:

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Written by Scott Oliver, author of How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa and Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore. This new feature was created at the request of numerous VIP Members who have asked us repeatedly to recommend experienced developers with a proven track record who are building quality homes in Costa Rica.

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