When I eventually looked at the CONCASA apartments just 15 minutes from Escazu, I had already seen the new construction of several Pacific beachfront condo complexes in Playa Coco and Octocal.

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The units were inspected in several stages of construction, from just being started to almost and complete units.

I questioned the person giving the tour if, “Do they have building inspections during the construction? Working myself in a Township Building Department., I was a little skeptical with some of the workmanship.

The construction was not of the quality that I had hoped for prior to arriving at the site. The units, when finished did not show poorly, however you could see that the quality of workmanship and the skill of the workers were not the best. The kitchen cabinets appeared to be locally made and the fit and finish were fair at most.

Now, the tour of the new CONCASA luxury apartment complex outside Escazu was a different story all together. From the time I pulled up to the buildings you could see that the quality of workmanship.

Once inside the CONCASA apartment, my assumptions were confirmed. The walls and ceilings were near, if not perfect. The kitchen cabinets were some of the finest quality I had seen.

I have never seen cabinets with wood fronts and all steel drawers. The Corian type counter tops were first class. You could just see that skilled workers were responsible for this type of fit and finish.

The floor, windows and bathrooms all were top shelf construction. They definitely have some good quality workers on this construction site. I think that the new roadway leading to the development can only enhance the fine layout of this complex.

The only decision I have to make is, do I want to live in the Central Valley, where almost anything can be found? Or the beach? And try to find a more quiet and secluded area. Either way, as long as you’re working with the right people, you can’t go wrong in Costa Rica!

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Written by VIP Member Bill Bonham, NJ. USA

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