Costa Rica climbed from 56 to 53 in the last year, only Chile surpasses it in the Central and Latin American region

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The USA tumbled to sixth position behind, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Singapore.

Costa Rica climbed three positions in the index of global competitiveness 2006-2007 that the Global Economic Forum features every year.

The index evaluates various criteria: The basic requirements – quality of public institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomics, primary education and health.

Also analyzed is the the efficiency of those factors – higher education, market efficiency, market and new technology learning and levels of innovation.

Registered members of the La Nacion website can read the full article in Spanish at ‘Costa Rica sube 3 posiciones en ranquin de competitividad.’

Our thanks to Lizbeth Ulett and Joseph E. Red and our friends at La Nación – Costa Rica’s largest Spanish circulation newspaper for their permission use this article.

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