If you love Buffalo cheese and healthy, high quality grass fed fed meat then why not think about being a buffalo farmer in Costa Rica!

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This beautiful ranch is being offered with a small herd of 4 Asian Water Buffalo.

Asian Water Buffalo need much less pasture per animal, they are naturally more eco sensitive for the terrain, they reproduce faster than cows and are more climatized for Costa Rica than cows, and they are beautiful animals!

Hacienda Villa Colon is 112 acres of gently rolling topography with magnificent views of the green rolling valleys, and of the pacific ocean.

The farm boasts some of the most fertile soil in the region, ideal for small scale cattle farming operation, or low impact development of larger acreage parcels.

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Costa Rica Buffalo Farm For Sale.Property ID Number: 3693


  • Lot Area: 45.37 Hectare
  • Property ID Number: 3693
  • Price: USD $259K
  • Description: The farm has an internal road of over 1 Km that leads you to an old farmhouse with a cascading creek behind the house.

This 45 hectare farm is ideally located and within close proximity to the Osa Peninsula, beaches to the north along the Pacific, and Panama border just 1.5 hours south.

Super comfortable mountain climate at approximately 1,500 feet in altitude, some genuine Costa Rican neighbors, great for growing food supply and at a genuinely super good price per acre!

PS. From Scott Oliver, founder of WeLoveCostaRica.com: If U fink we ain’t soffisticated then ffink again bekoss we even ‘ave a Buffalo resturant ere in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. It’s deeelicious meat!

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Written by James Drews who is a professional, very experienced Realtor living and working on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.


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45 Hectare Buffalo Farm For Sale.Property ID Number: 3693


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