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Costa Rica Beachfront Real Estate For Sale

Costa Rica has plenty of beachfront real estate for sale, from competitively priced properties to luxury properties.  The most desirable beachfront properties in Costa Rica are on the Pacific Coast in locations like Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Tamarindo, and Playa Flamingo.  Expats who want to purchase beachfront property in one of these ideal regions can expect to pay a significant sum for it.  On the other hand, expats who are looking for discounted beachfront property should consider locations that are relatively distant from popular tourist destinations, like the Caribbean Coast.  Since so many people are moving to Costa Rica and looking for beachfront property, capitalizing on such an investment has the potential to pay off significantly in a few years down the road.

Where is the best beachfront property in Costa Rica?

The best beachfront property in Costa Rica is subjective, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  However, almost anyone will find beauty somewhere in the country of Costa Rica. With that said, the area that is the most expensive is generally the most desirable, and in many cases, the best.

The most expensive beachfront property in Costa Rica is located on the Central Pacific side.  This overall area receives plenty of sunshine and has a tropical environment.  The beachfront property in Manuel Antonio and Jaco are the priciest plots of real estate in the entire country.  The nice thing about living in either of these locations is that they are close to basic necessities, while offering a stunning ocean view. Expats who are wealthy and are looking for a beachfront mansion in Costa Rica should head to either of these two cities.

Should I buy a beach house in Costa Rica?

Expats who want to buy a beach house in Costa Rica should take their time and scout out their options.  In order to find the best deal on beachfront property, consult with a number of Realtors, talk with the locals, and negotiate with interested sellers. In many cases, expats who are looking for the best deal on a beach house in Costa Rica should work with motivated sellers.  In any market, especially in Costa Rica where property values are often extremely elevated, patient buyers can end up with a deal that seems too good to be true. Expats who like to negotiate should be able to find one or two sellers who are willing to drop their asking price significantly and allow them to purchase the beachfront home of their dreams.

Expats who buy beachfront property that already has a standing structure can move right in, settle down, and enjoy the ocean view.  There are plenty of dream properties that are located right on the ocean that have spectacular beach houses.  Since there are so many ideal beachfront properties in Costa Rica, having a good understanding of the entire marketplace is necessary in order to find the absolute best property available.

What are the advantages to buying beachfront property in Costa Rica and building a house?

Expats who are looking for beachfront property and plan to build their own house should have a good understanding of the local building codes.  The nice thing about building a house is that one can customize their design in order to fit their desires.  In some cases, beachfront properties that don’t already have a house on them can be secured at a deal, depending on their location.

Is Palo Seco an option?

Until recently, Palo Seco was an unknown sleepy beachfront community where time stood still and investors and vacationers passed by kilometers inland on their way to Manuel Antonio without knowing of the exclusive 6 kilometer palm lined beach that lay waiting to be discovered.

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In one day you can surf, paddle the mangroves, fish, and dine in style on this sandy strip of paradise. I really love this place because it is so real. The people are laid back and the beach seems to go on for ever. I used to trek to the end years ago to surf at the river mouth and drink all of the coconuts that were in reach.


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Most people I met in other areas of the Central Pacific had never herd of Palo Seco. The name Palo Seco means Dry Stick or Dry Tree, some people make the mistake of calling Pelo Seco which means Dry Hair, a laughable mistake like confusing the word embarazada (pregnant) for embarrassed. However you say it or whatever you call it, it is a one of a kind place to check out if you are going to be in the area.

It is the only place I know of that offers beachfront property with estuary and boat access in the rear. The protected mangrove forests and canals offer miles of territory to explore and are full, of snook and snapper.

The exclusive south end of the island is home to the Tamarai Resort. Built of bamboo, it is a very impressive property and hosts a variety of adventure tours and sports. The restaurant is open to the public and brings in first class music performances from time to time.

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The county of Parrita and National government have approved a new regulatory plan for the island and the secret is out. With year round access on good roads and beachfront property close to Manuel Antonio and Quepos, the Island of Palo Seco is a one of kind place to park yourself for a week, a year, or a lifetime.

Land prices are some of the most attainable for beachfront in the entire country. Beachfront parcels on Palo Seco can be purchased for as low as $100/sq. meter.

Is Jaco a great place to purchase beachfront property?

Many expats purchase beachfront property in Jaco, as there are many like-minded individuals already living in this city.  Those who want to purchase beachfront property on the 2 1/2 miles of Jaco shoreline are going to have to pay significantly for it.  Since Jaco is one of the most desirable regions in Costa Rica, the real estate prices reflect that.

Expats who want to be near Jaco, but don’t want to pay the extremely high real estate values that are associated with this city can search for beachfront property in Playa Hermosa or Playa Herredura.  In many cases, these beachfront properties are just as beautiful, if not more so than the ones in Jaco, but can be secured at a fraction of the cost. Since these two beaches are a bit less popular, those who own beachfront property here will have more privacy.

How much is beachfront property in Manuel Antonio?

Expats who want to purchase beachfront property in Manuel Antonio should come with a big wallet.  Manuel Antonio is rated one of the top beaches in the entire world and is a favorite tourist destination in Costa Rica.  As with any tourist destination in the country of Costa Rica, the value of everything is elevated. However, this location is really one of the best places in the entire country and expats who want to know what pura vida is all about should purchase beachfront property here.

Beachfront real estate values in Manuel Antonio reach millions of dollars, as the desirability of this location is unparalleled.  Those who want beachfront property in Manuel Antonio, but are worried about the cost should not be overly concerned, as purchasing land here is an investment.  As people from all around the world come to Manuel Antonio, the desirability of real estate will only increase over the long-term.  This allows those who purchase beachfront property in this region to enjoy spending time here and eventually selling their land for a profit, if they choose to do so. Expats who simply want to live in a paradise on earth should look for a beach house in Manuel Antonio.

How affordable is beachfront property in Playa Flamingo?

Many tourists visit Playa Flamingo, as this is one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica.  With white sand and beautiful blue water, who wouldn’t want a beachfront property in Playa Flamingo?

Again, like Manuel Antonio, Playa Flamingo is a desirable place to be, forcing up real estate values throughout the entire region.  Expats who want to purchase beachfront property in Playa Flamingo or the surrounding areas should realize that real estate values are quite high. However, beachfront real estate in Playa Flamingo appears to be a great investment over the long-term.

How much are beachfront properties in Tamarindo?

Many expats who visit Tamarindo never want to leave, as this is one of the most appealing places to live in Costa Rica.  Tamarindo Beachfront properties here go for anywhere between $500,000 and $5 million.  As far as real estate market values on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica go, this is one of the most affordable for expats who want to purchase beachfront property with modern amenities.

Where is the least expensive beachfront property in Costa Rica?

The least expensive beachfront property in Costa Rica is located on the Caribbean side.  However, most expats choose to live on the Pacific side.  One of the more famous Caribbean beaches in Costa Rica is Manzanillo, located in Limon.  Beachfront properties on the eastern coast line of the country range from $70,000 to $500,000.  Those who are looking to enjoy the warm water of the Caribbean can purchase beachfront property in Costa Rica for a bargain.

Should I buy beachfront property in Costa Rica?

Expats who are looking for sunny days, long walks on the beach, and like listening to the sound of the waves are likely going to enjoy beachfront property in Costa Rica.  The only downside to living in Costa Rica, a paradise on earth, is the cost.  Expats who have the funds have every reason to purchase a beach house on the Pacific Coast and enjoy a dream life.  On the other hand, expats who are looking for bargin beachfront property should consider scouting out the Caribbean side of the country. Since beachfront property in Costa Rica has the potential to increase in value throughout the foreseeable future, it appears to be a great investment.  Since there is only so much beachfront property available in Costa Rica, expats who can get their hands on it now, while it is still widely available, will likely find everything they are looking for.

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