How about enjoying the traditional hospitality of a comfortable Costa Rican family home and savouring the ‘real’ Costa Rica with accomodation, breakfast and dinner included for only US$170 per week for two people?

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People that really ‘know’ the country, know that there are great bargains in Costa Rica if you know where to look. Whoever said Costa Rica is expensive simply hasn’t done his homework properly.

If you want to learn the language, study Spanish in a genuine Costa Rican environment with four separate fifty minute classes daily whilst staying in a real ‘Tico’ (Costa Rican) family home and enjoying the ‘real’ Costa Rica culture with breakfast and dinner included for only US$280 per week, per person.

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Sure you can stay in fancy hotel chains where everyone speaks English just like the ones ‘at home’ but what’s point in that? If you’re coming to Costa Rica, come see the ‘real’ Costa Rica and meet ‘real’ Costa Ricans – the ‘Ticos’.

Obviously you’re local travel agent doesn’t know about this and if he did, he wouldn’t tell you about it anyway

What I’m talking about is ‘rural tourism’ and the quaint little town of Acosta about an hour from San Jose where my friend George Lundquist used to live. While you’re taking in the local flavour you could visit the rain forest of the biological reserve in Cornelio, tour a scenic waterfall, take a horseback ride through a citrus farm, go fishing for fresh tilapia or simply sit there luxuriating in a hot, volcanic spring?

Can’t you just feel all that first world, high-tax, too much commuting stress already starting to ooze away..?

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Are you into beautiful Costa Rica?

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