As of August of 2005 the Executive Branch approved Executive Decree No. 32493
which sets forth the new schedule of fees for Attorney’s and Notaries in Costa
Rica (Arancel de Honorarios por Servicios Profesionales de Abogacía y Notariado)

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Some of the relevant provisions are as follows:

1. General Fee Schedule for Litigation

For an Amount in Controversy of up to 15 millions Colones = 20%

Excess of 15 million Colones to 75 million Colones = 15%

Excess of 75 million Colones = 10%

2. Probate Proceedings.

The Fees for probate proceedings is 50% of the general Fee Schedule set forth above and is based upon all the assets and rights which are inventoried including earnings.

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3. Eviction Proceedings.

The Fee schedule established is 3 months of the monthly rent of the property where the eviction proceeding is pursued.

4. Notary Fees.

For all acts and contracts that are authorized by a Costa Rican Notary Public the fee schedule is based upon the actual value of the transaction involved according to the following minimum schedule. (This schedule would be the one that applies to real estate closing transactions)

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Up to 10 million Colones = 2%

On the excess of 10 million Colones and up to 15 Million Colones = 1.5%

On the excess of 15 million Colones and up to 30 million Colones = 1.25%

On the excess of 30 million Colones = 1%

The law also states that for acts or contracts that are complex in nature may
result in a 50% surcharge from the above.

Furthermore, the sliding Notary Fee schedule is set as the minimum which may be
charged. The Notary may charge more than the fee schedule so long as the client agrees.

According to Article 1 of the law it is mandatory that they
abide by the minimum schedule that is established in the Executive Decree.

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Written by Attorney at Law – Roger A. Petersen. Roger has been an attorney since 1992 and is a member of both the Costa Rican and Florida Bar. He practices law in San José, Costa Rica and is the author of the best-selling book ‘The Legal Guide To Costa Rica.’

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