As many of us know Costa Rica is not only a beautiful tropical paradise perfect for vacations with great beaches and mountains, it is also the perfect place for many foreigners who come here seeking professional medical treatment.

In Costa Rica it is possible to obtain professional medical care by highly qualified doctors in different branches of cosmetics or medical procedure at much more affordable prices than in other countries such as USA and Canada.

There are many foreigners who visit us to take advantage of our expert dental services and other affordable Medical Tourism professionals. Hundreds of foreign tourists return home after a short time feeling rejuvenated with a fresh, new look and most are delighted with their visit to Costa Rica.

One of the outpatient cosmetic surgeries available in Costa Rica and is the surgery to help patients with varicose veins. It does not require hospitalization although a 24 hour rest period is certainly recommended. After this rest, you can continue your vacation at a beach hotel or you might choose to return home almost immediately.

This was the case for a friend of mine who is an executive chef for a cruise company in the US. He has lived with varicose veins for a long time and although they have not caused him too much pain but, he didn’t like the look of these varicose veins and decided to take some action to prevent the possibility of any serious circulatory problems arising.

The good news for him was not only that he could get this laser surgery at an affordable cost, but he also could use his international insurance which covered 100% of the cost of surgery. This is an option to consider for those foreigners who visit us and make use of this special medical insurance.

It is important that you do your homework about the use of this type of international health insurance before coming to Costa Rica, you need to verify which medical treatments are covered and which are not, and you should also take into consideration that in some cases, getting the approval could take a few weeks.

This is the opinion of my friend about using professional medical services in Costa Rica.

“The procedure was very fast. I was in and out of the hospital in 2 hours and back at the hotel. 2 weeks before the procedure the hospital directly contact my insurance company, both of them organized the paperwork. From my part there was not much to do but show up and obviously not consume any food or liquids 8 hours before the surgery. It’s been a week since the surgery and everything is healing nicely!”

So what are you waiting for?

Come to Costa Rica! Enjoy a great Medical Tourism vacation while taking some time to appreciate our natural beauty, our people, our perfect climate and then go home feeling and looking years younger!

Are you into beautiful Costa Rica?

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