Sarelson Law Firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against Paragon Properties of Costa Rica, S.A., William Gale and Esteban Soto, its American subsidiary, Properties of Costa Rica, Inc., and its owners.

The Complaint alleges that the company ran a Ponzi-scheme selling vacant lots in Costa Rica to unsuspecting American investors and buyers. Many of the class-members gave their life savings to this company. The allegations include not returning deposit funds and not providing buyers with the deed to the property.

You can see the Complaint on the Florida Consumer Lawyer Blog here:

Long time VIP Members of will remember me writing about how much caution should be taken with this company – and companies like it – for about five years.

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A 21 page report (available only to our Premium VIP Members) entitled The Disgrace Of A Company Called Paragon Properties of Costa Rica is available in our Download Library here.

The Complaint was filed in Broward County Circuit Court.

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