Costa Rica has become known for its diverse biodiversity, particularly its array of wildlife. Now, steps are being taken to provide protection for the Mono Titi, which is the smallest primate in Costa Rica.

Known for their clever and playful nature, the Grey Crowned Central American Squirrel Monkey is also incredibly small, ranging from about 9 to 14 inches in height and weighing in at no more than 2.5 pounds.

Unfortunately, over the years, this cute little animal has faced increasing loss of habitat due to human development and is actually facing potential extinction. In 1996, this primate was listed on the Critically Endangered by IUCN Red List and was ranked as Endangered in 2008.

Primarily found in small pockets situated along the Central and Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the Mono Titi is now receiving assistance from concerned tourism business owners and residents near Quepos.

In 2001, concerned locals formed the Titi Conservation Alliance after witnessing the adverse effect of intensely rapid development surrounding the Manuel Antonio National Park on the monkeys. Today, the group is working to restore the primate’s dwindling habitat.

Since squirrel monkeys spend the vast majority of their time in trees living in large social groups known as troops, any threats to local forests also threaten the animals. When the monkeys are not able to roam about freely and interact with other troops, they are forced to breed within their own troops, which may result in genetic abnormalities and the ultimate demise of the monkeys.

As part of its efforts to increase awareness and improve the monkey’s habitat, the Titi Conservation Alliance has worked to involve local businesses and schools. Part of those efforts is focused on the creation of a biological corridor near the Naranjo River Basin into the Manuel Antonio National Park, resulting in connecting the populations of monkeys.

To date, the group has planted more than 35,000 indigenous trees the monkeys can use for food. Additionally, the group also plans to expand the corridor in the future by planting another 10,000 trees.

Charming Mono Titi Squirrel Monkey Receiving Protection in Costa Rica

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