We all have a pretty clear idea of what constitutes our personal dream ocean view condo. We all know that it exists somewhere but just how to find it isn’t always so easy.

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As a busy Central Pacific area Realtor, you’ve told me your ideas of what makes a truly great condo and we’ve searched and searched and searched until finally it was discovered, right in our own backyard…..

Your dream does exist, right now. If your idea of hustle and bustle in the morning is bustling to get your morning cup of delicious Costa Rican coffee and hustling to your balcony to watch the incoming morning crop of toucans, parrots, scarlet macaws, all with the expansive backdrop of the blue Pacific ocean, then this resort is the place that fulfills that part of your dream.

If your idea of a lazy afternoon consists of having the very real opportunity to actually BE lazy in a place that can permit such things, then we found it! A natural locale that offers you the chance to swing low and slow on your hammock to the tune of buzzing cicadas, the chirping of the monkeys squawking in the distance and the rustle of palm leaves in the fresh ocean breeze. This resort has that part covered too!

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If your idea of nightlife is observing the last few moments of the sinking sunset, watching the slow moving ships slowly steaming across your panoramic ocean view, the twinkling lights of the coastline homes and small towns, the echoes of the day gone by, then this resort’s really beginning to scratch the surface of the as-yet unrealized dream….

You’ve told me a great part of your ideal place to live is enjoying the feeling of back to nature, unspoiled, tranquil, yet with all the conveniences of modern life. This luxury resort once again delivers on your dream with its’ 260+ acres of natural reserve and space.

From the winding mile long entrance through woods, exotic greenery, lounging iguanas and flying butterflies, to the elegance of the ultra modern condo buildings constructed by one of Costa Rica’s foremost luxury builders, Edificar, this luxury condo resort begins shaping up as exactly as you’d envisioned it all along.

You’ve also related your desire for living in a place that comforts with luxury, excites with top amenities and provides for your lifestyle. This won’t disappoint, with one of the country’s biggest beach infinity pools with five star appointments, individual pools for each condo cluster, rolling clean and manicured hills and trees throughout a magnificent property.

You wanted 24/7 security, maid service and concierge and now you have it! This resort will also offer onsite medical staff in the very near future, grocery, sporting goods, DVD shops and locations, all in their drive to fulfill those big ideas you have of what Costa Rica beach luxury living is really all about….

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You said you wanted spaciousness and big open floor plans for your idea of a dream condo, and here you’ll revel in the depth of these separate units. With just two condos per floor, vast area is given to each, with wide living room and balcony, stretching to back bedrooms that provide just the right touch of privacy that your guests will appreciate on every visit.

With almost 2,000 square feet of indulgence that has “dream” written all over it, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths provide a full sized condo that aims to please and by now this Costa Rica luxury resort is starting to look like your dream come true!

You said you wanted a Costa Rican dream located squarely in the vacation lanes and exploration highlight areas of the Central Pacific and now you finally have it. This is closer than any other to Cararra National Park (the largest nature reserve in Costa Rica), just 3 kilometers from the famed “crocodile” bridge at Tarcoles, just 20 minutes from the #1 beach town of Jaco, only 90 minutes from the airport and more.

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This place is perfectly situated for those that have the idea that getting back from a picture perfect visit in Costa Rica to your ideal condo is about as ideal as you can get….

I truly believe that there is a certain segment of interested buyers out there that are looking for EXACTLY this type of location, community, building, amenities, natural backdrop and exciting ocean views.

I’ve seen many resorts and this just blows away the competition in the field of nature reserve/ocean view/private community outside the usual suspects in and around Jaco, Hermosa and Herradura beaches.

You said you wanted your dream condo to be affordable and so you shall! With original pre-construction prices for these ocean view condos exceeding $375,000, completed units have fetched $400,000 or more. And because we heard your call for a great deal, we’ve got one just for you….

Right now a very special third floor full ocean view unit is on sale stunningly below market value for just $349,000! But that’s not all… This condo also comes furnished and even comes with it’s very own Costa Rican corporation!

This is one of the best deals we’ve ever offered in 2009 and I think it simply can’t be beat. If you are ready to live the live you’ve always dreamed, it’s time and today is the day!

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Costa Rica Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher.

Affordable Oceanfront Condos For Sale in JacoA fun beach town for all the family.


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