For Thanksgiving we celebrated with roughly 200 expats, 17 turkeys and enough stuffing and gravy to fill every one of them.

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The day after Thanksgiving, Jaco Beach entertained locals and tourists with a free concert in the community park and a ceremony to light up the town with Christmas lights.

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Known as the “tope” this horse parade turns into a city wide fiesta with dancing horses marching down the main street in Jaco. All the local restaurants bring out flatbed trucks and set up tables and chairs on the street. 

Music fills the air as all the families set up for a night of fun. The event is all about how good you look while riding your horse and how many fancy steps your horse can maneuver.

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What do we do for Christmas? We have a strict tradition of surfing and lounging at the beach. We build “sandmen” instead of snowmen and we look for starfish to decorate our Christmas trees.

New Year’s Eve is our favorite night of the year in Jaco Beach when locals gather drift wood light bon fires up and down the beach.

The hotels and
developers take their fireworks seriously and put on dazzling displays that reflect off the ocean and to top it off, it is becoming tradition to light off sky lanterns.

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Imagine looking up and down the small bay with bon fires, fireworks blasting in the sky and hundreds of sky lanterns floating around in while standing barefoot in on the sand with warm tropical weather.

That is how we spend the holidays in paradise!

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