Samara, Guanacaste

Earthquakes in Costa Rica. Shaken, not stirred (well maybe a little) in Samara

Then human nature took over as leaders emerged as they always do. An entire community was belly punched and upon quickly gathering its breath and balance Samara showed me once again why I chose to live here.

Everyone in Samara Knows Dr. Freddy

Dr. Freddy went to Medical School here in Costa Rica at the UCR for 3 years. Freddy finished his last year of his medical school in the United States at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Enjoying the Nightlife Living in Samara, Costa Rica. Small town, big night out.

A little later get ready to take it to the dance floor! If you’re looking for top 40, pop, reggae and a little latin music try Tabanuco (Thursdays/Fridays on the beach) or Club Arriba (Saturdays/Mondays, upstairs on the main drag). Music starts about 9 pm, but it really gets going around 11 or even midnight!

How Trash In North Carolina Led To Pura Vida Living in Samara, Costa Rica

No matter what it took, no matter the sacrifice, he was going to find himself sipping cocktails on the beaches of Latin America. His last surf trip back in the late nineties was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Confessions of an Ex-Flight Attendant: Why I Quit the “Perfect Job” and Moved to Samara, Costa Rica Part II/II

You can’t really blame them. Once you have the best job in the world, why would you ever quit or retire ? Once you join the ranks of the uber-fortunate, the only way you are ever leaving this so-called “job” is “feet first”.

Confessions of an Ex-Flight Attendant: Why I Quit the “Perfect Job” and Moved to Samara, Costa Rica Part I/II

If you are harboring a secret desire to experience a new kind of life where these kinds of complications are the most stressful issues you might face in a normal day, maybe you will be curious to read about how I quit my job as a flight attendant and came down to this land of sunshine, friendly people, and affordable everything.

Is The Quality of Life You’re Looking For To Be Found in Samara?

Without a doubt our area is considered one of the most prime places for investment in all of Costa Rica and one of the best places to live and spend time! You can even come down and learn Spanish at the Intercultural School right here in town! Investors will find a real estate market with great potential for appreciation which low holding costs.

Sabor Intensiva Private Chef Serves Up Delicious Food From Samara.

Some days, when snorkelling or diving with various shark or swimming with sea lions or watching dolphins or hump back whales, albatross or tropic birds out in the open pacific, I had to pinch myself when I found myself thinking… ” bloody hell, this is my job”!

Samara Organics Grocery and Café Opens. Hungry, health conscious customers living in Samara are ‘muy contento.’

They offer locally produced cheeses, organic fruit and vegetables, and hundreds of other healthy products that include 100% bamboo clothing and holistic body care made in Costa Rica if not within the Guanacaste area.

Living in Samara, Costa Rica. Interview with Samara trailblazer Franz Werkstetter.

A third of the land was untouched forest, a third was cattle lands and the rest was upcoming new forest. I planted about 45,000 trees, in part with commercial trees and about 25 native species. I became a pioneer in this field and introduced bamboo from Colombia. I also brought from India the famous Neem tree, a source for organic insecticide.

Living in Sunny Samara. November’s First Friday social event a big success…

The staff at Hacienda Del Mar could not have done a better job with the service, the drinks, the snacks and bocas – all afternoon and into the evening! So many people commented that they never knew Hacienda Del Mar even existed, but they said they would definitely come back for lunch or dinner.

Living Healthier in Samara: A charming beach town offering a holistic lifestyle.

As more folks look to their own lifestyle choices as a means to improve their health, Samara abounds with diverse options to facilitate this movement toward a healthier existence. More and more people are beginning to truly understand the importance of stress free lives, regular exercise, and proper eating as a way to live a longer, healthier life with fewer medicines or invasive procedures.

Costa Rica Schools – Samara after-school program at CREAR

La Asociación CREAR is a non-profit, free after-school program focused on supplemental education for the children of Playa Sámara and its surrounding areas. It was started in 2005, and has since been kept alive through the efforts of the local area language school, Intercultura.

A Single Mom From New York Considers Living in Samara, Costa Rica.

You can live surrounded by art, the beach, and the colors of blue, orange, red and yellow found in Jaime’s vibrant paintings, and in the natural scenery around. You can also see Jaime in action as he paints, and maybe you may be lucky enough to taste his mouthwatering chocolate cake.

Learning Spanish at the Beach in Samara with InterCultura

A university group from South Florida contacted us and again pretty much on trust decided to send us their 40-person group down for a month-long Spanish immersion course in the summer of 1994. Their deposit was what allowed us to furnish the school with tables, whiteboards, chairs and the million other things we needed before the group arrived.