Papagayo Beach Area, Guanacaste

Having A Baby And Starting A Family in Costa Rica?

So you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica and possibly starting a family? Raising your children in this land of peace and prosperity sounds like a great experience for everybody but maybe you have some questions about what it’s like to give birth in Costa Rica?

Beer Bellies and Boobs

Every time I go back to North America, it reminds me why I live in Costa Rica. You can just feel the anxiety and the stress everywhere you go. For me, the toughest decisions I have to make everyday are which color flip flops to wear and whether or not to have a Bloody Mary with my breakfast…

Real Estate Investment Market Update For The First Six Months of 2013 in Guanacaste.

We had an amazing first six months of 2013, closing more transactions than we did in all of 2012 combined.

The Joys of Living Near The Beach in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Is this the right place for you?

Whether you are looking for the ideal place to retire or the ideal place for your family to thrive, Tierra Pacific in Junquillal, Costa Rica is one of the few places on earth that naturally promotes a healthy life.

Fishing in Costa Rica: An insiders guide to sport fishing in Playas del Coco with free video.

The fishing tradition has never been lost and is now stronger than ever. While still maintaining a small commercial fleet, the real action in Playas del Coco is with the Sport Fisherman.

Living in Junquillal, An Underrated and Tranquilo Little Community. Video with Joan Inman, President of the Tierra Pacifica HOA.

“I think one of the things about this area that I think people maybe are missing it, it’s very underrated. There are so many wonderful things to do here…”

Scuba Diving in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Whether it is seeing the biggest sea turtle you have ever seen come out of a hidden canyon on the back side of the Bat Islands, coming upon a group of adolescent Humpback Whales with their Mother calling in the distance out at Santa Elena Point, being engulfed by a huge school of fish only…

The Tierra Pacific Green Community in Junquillal, Costa Rica… A little history with free video with Ben Morris – Landscape Architect!

The course combined business students and environmental engineering under grads and grad students from universities around the US. In the words of one of the course participants our challenge, we were told, was to assess the potential for sustainable economic land development in the Guanacaste lowlands.

Costa Rica Real Estate Development at Tierra Pacifica. Water Is Extremely Important. Another video in our series with Will Raap.

So those four elements, top soil, water, healthy air, and biodiversity, are areas that I focused on my entire career in my business, in my development work. And coming to Costa Rica, it’s very interesting because it’s a place where the water resource particularly here in Guanacaste is overabundant part of the year and non-existent part of the year.

Somebody Get Me A Doctor

That was always my favorite Van Halen song, brings back a lot of good memories, but last weekend, it had an entirely different meaning. At 3:30 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning, I woke up suffocating, having absolutely NO ability to take a breath, and I was totally panicked.

Live Well, Live Long, and Live Green (and Blue) in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

A small area of Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula located in the province of Guanacaste, boasts the best of these features; the greatest concentration of biodiversity in the world, world class surf spots at deserted beaches, friendly people who enjoy regular community fiestas, and organizations working hard to protect it.

Life in Paradise According to Michael Simons. Waterfalls rock!

This past weekend was my tenth anniversary of living in Costa Rica, and I was determined to celebrate, as you can imagine. The party actually started a couple days earlier. My good buddy Kent came in to visit and we went to my favorite place in Costa Rica, the hot springs at Tabacon.

Massive Hotel Investment Surge in Costa Rica Expected To Kickstart Economy and the Real Estate Market in Guanacaste.

Whenever a new hotel breaks ground, the real estate community feels a push. Everyone realizes that as these hotels get completed and open for business, it will just mean that many more travelers and potential investors coming to the area.

Living in Costa Rica. Whoaaaa Nellie!

I love when visit. It is a perfect excuse to screw off for a few days, and gives me tons of material for you guys. So when my good friend Janie came to visit from Colorado, I had to roll out the red carpet. It’s not everyday a princess comes to the jungle you know. We grabbed my Amiga Stephanie and the bald eagle Eric, along with Costa Rica Joe, and we headed out at 7 am.

Costa Rica Realtor Michael Simons Is Also Occasionally An “Under Cover Agent.”

Everybody wants to talk to the guy from Costa Rica. It’s amazing. As soon as they find out I sell real estate, we are off on a 30 minute conversation. Costa Rica has such an incredible amount of momentum right now, and so much positive press, that everyone wants to figure out a way to leave the rat race and move to this gorgeous paradise.