Hotels For Sale in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate For Pioneers and Nature Lovers – Sabalo, a town to watch

Like Miramar, it has more churches than bars giving it a level of tranquility rarely found in this day and age. Beyond this statistic, it is a tiny town located in a beautiful valley where crystal clear mountain streams converge to join the famous Sierpe River.

The Fishing Is Awesome At Sierpe, Costa Rica

This creates a very unique fishery where numerous fish species can be targeted with a variety of techniques. Accessing the fishery from Sierpe del Pacifico is very easy, as the Sierpe River mouth is fully navigable to the Pacific Ocean in all tides, 365 days a year for boats of all sizes.

Tropical B&B For Sale 250M From One Of The Most Spectacular Beaches on the Southern Caribbean Coast Only US$399,000.  New restaurant plans also approved for this location.

Private, Gated, Half Acre+ Garden Property is located just 250 from Playa Punta Uva, which has been rated as One of the Top Ten Natural Beaches in the World” (Outside Magazine/Travel and Leisure) Presently operating as 4 & 5 Star rated Inn

Playa Grande Hotel For Sale Near The Beach.  US$1,190,000 and nets US$140,000 per year

This recently remodeled hotel features a main hotel, restaurant, lounge area and pool located 275 meters to the beach. There is 3,800 SF in construction and the lot size measures 1700m2 (just under 1/2 acre).

Profitable Boutique Hotel For Sale in Playa Grande, Near Tamarindo Costa Rica US$2,390,000

This recently remodeled hotel features a main hotel, restaurant, lounge area and pool located 275 meters to the beach as well as the ‘beach house’ which consists of four, two-story villas and private pool, only 50 meters from the beach.

Manuel Antonio Hotel for Sale. 12 rooms plus owner’s suite for US$1,595,000

This is your opportunity to operate your own hotel in beautiful Costa Rica. One of the most intimate hotels in Manuel Antonio, this property is now available for the first time in years.

Your Costa Rica Realtor Specializing in Hotels & Inns For Sale – Daveed Hollander.

Daveed Hollander is a Realtor who specializes in hotels and inns for sale throughout Costa Tica. Daveed lives in Dominical on the Southern Pacific coast and his company has 7 real estate sales offices staffed with 25 professional real estate sales agents.

Exceptional Pacific Ocean View Ten Room Resort Hotel For Sale in Punta Gabriela, Dominical US$3.9 million

Ideal for the discerning buyer who enjoys the finest in life, Punta Gabriela offers an unrivaled opportunity to enjoy a lavish vacation home, retirement home, or income-producing property in paradise.

Costa Rica Hotel For Sale – Hotel Villa del Sol in Playas del Coco – $1,150,000

This turnkey operation sits on just over an acre (4,539 M2) of lush tropical grounds 150 yards from the beach and a few minutes from the center of town.

South Pacific Real Estate For Sale – Dominical hotel & restaurant and land ready for development.

Two unique properties listed for sale in the Southern Pacific Zone include a famous beachfront hotel/restaurant and a 153-acre development with 24 residential lots.

Aside from finding the right property in the right location a successful hotel owner knows that living abroad adds another element into the mix. With a different language and culture you might be tempted to rely on trade from your native country — with disastrous consequences.

Never underestimate the importance of attracting the local Tico tourist.

Why Are folks so Interested in Commercial Real Estate Here?

This is naturally a very competitive market, but there are many reasons to think about purchasing commercial real estate in Costa Rica. The first thing you should look at regarding what type of business you want to start or purchase here is the sector of the consumer base that you are pulling from.

Many investors thinking about setting up shop here would consider going after the high-income base from this group. It is true that many coming here are on vacation, and therefore many have disposable income. This would make one think of higher-end restaurants, surfing schools, and supply stores or perhaps Yoga studios. These are all definitely viable ideas, and could yield a profit with the right foresight and application.

When looking at the year of 2015, it is important to note that Wal-mart was operating 222 outlets in Costa Rica that year, which is an operation that relies on middle-and-low income buyers. There are opportunities for all types of businesses to enter this market, and many different ways to go about fulfilling needs that consumers develop here.

Bars and Restaurants in Costa Rica

Very useful economic data gathering affiliate Euromoniter reported over the last few years some interesting facts. As a result of the chained grocery retailer’s expansion that has really become evident as of late, many consumers are heavily migrating towards discounters, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, and convenience stores. Just as is happening in other parts of the globe, people value discount, but having a restaurant or bar here that becomes popular would still be a wonderful opportunity.

In cities such as San Jose and popular areas such as Nosara, there are bars and clubs for sale that already have a track record of proven cash flow. Turn-key businesses such as lounges that are trendy with a high-end restaurant can be found that host around 2,000 people in San Jose. An average price of what these already-flourishing locations are sold for is around $1,250,000.

On the West Coast in areas such as Puntarenas, there are fully-established businesses for sale that are bars and restaurants in the trendiest areas, at an average price of $1,400,000. One thing to keep in mind is that these are completely turn-key operations with full liquor license, employees, and contractors in place to keep the business going at the pace you need to thrive.

In areas that are incredibly attractive to the tourist and permanent resident such as Playas De Coco, some sample properties are well-run sports bars and restaurants that are listed for an average price of around $500,000, with the option for outright purchase, or a nine-year assumable lease that guarantees continual success. This is in the service and entertainment hub that is popular in the Papagayo region, just twenty minutes from the Liberia International Airport.

Costa Rica Hotels For Sale

One thing is certain: tourism is definitely popular in Costa Rica, and many come here for the beaches, jungle tours, golf, and chance to be secluded while sampling some of the most beautiful scenery of the world. Limon, Jaco, Tambor Beach, Samara, Nosara, and Los Suenos are all areas that would be beneficial for anyone to purchase a hotel for a chance at making great income while making connections in this beautiful nation, or as an investment for a partner to take the reins and have full control over.

When you are considering the all-compassing investment of a hotel from an owner’s standpoint, one of the first things to consider is list price: there are bed and breakfast hotels available in locations such as Samara for an average price of around $700,000, that are already flourishing and just waiting for a purchaser.

Eco tourism is huge in Costa Rica, and it’s not hard to understand why: there are some of the largest pockets of biodiversity that you can find on the Earth here, and many want to come check it out for themselves. It could be anyone from the amateur shutterbug to the doctorate student that wants to explore these diverse and wondrous areas for themselves, with comfortable accommodations to do so.

You can locate properties that are top-rated eco resorts in areas such as La Fortuna and Samara, with average occupancy rates of over 60% annually, for around $2,500,000 asking price. Amenities such as equestrian centers on site and restaurants are already in place for you to keep the business thriving after your purchase.

On the lower end of the pricing spectrum, you can locate bed and breakfasts for sale in jungle regions: dwelling with 5 bedrooms, separate apartments with terraces, and swimming pools are all found for an average listing price of around $450,000. Many hotels for sale in Costa Rica such as this don’t need much improvement physically, and you may just have to look into some internet marketing or an outbound-prospect face-lift, and be well on your way to success.

Buying an Existing Business

If you have never run a tourism business before, buying an existing hotel is a great option, especially if you are moving to another country and you will already have clients and the infrastructure.

Legal Issues Regarding Commercial Property in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has no presiding general foreign investment law, and all exchange controls were lifted in 1992. Some areas where one could invest such as insurance and electricity generation prohibit private investment, as well as telecommunications, which is considered for the most part a monopoly.

As you are looking at hotels for sale in Costa Rica or thinking about having a flourishing business here, the companies laws to adhere to are fairly standard. Costa Rica law recognizes corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, trusts, foundations, civil associations, and Co-ops.

No matter which method you pick, any enterprise doing business here requires a legal representative, and must register with the Commercial Section of the National Registry. If you still have residence in another nation, you can act as officers, trustees, directors, partners, and even execute legal contracts involving your business.

Corporations and LLC’s remain the easiest to manage, and Costa Rica only taxes income that is generated within the national territorial boundaries of said nation. The tax rates for different types of entities range from 15% to 30%, and the nation’s congress may provide changes to the tax code including replacement of the sales tax with a new value added tax.

Obtaining Legal Advice for Commercial Property in Costa Rica

Here in Costa Rica, there are many reasons that you will want to obtain legal advice for commercial property purchases. In this real estate climate, anyone coming here sight unseen will realize that it is pretty unregulated for how many opportunities there are. Making sure that purchases are listed with the National Registry is of dire importance, and a concrete understanding of rates is necessary.

Compared to areas in North America, the interests rates do tend to be higher when financing here. The importance of finding a good real estate agent is even more dire then in the states: they handle everything here. From title and escrow (if even applicable) to financing and developing, you really need someone here looking out for your best interest.

There are entities such as escrow companies in Costa Rica, but once you get into areas that are a bit more rural, a full-service real estate agent is necessary. You may wish to purchase land and then develop, but if you find commercial property with an existing business that is flourishing, being patient and navigating through the differences you’ll find here will be well worth it.

Walk the walk and talk the talk.

One of the key factors in hotel ownership success is how well you integrate with your local community. Getting connected and networking with the locals will help you attract visitors from within Costa Rica and provide a much needed boost during low season.

But where to begin? Well, a few suggestions include reaching out to local suppliers to demonstrate your commitment to the local economy and get involved in community events and fundraisers.

Please Please Me!

Hotel owners agree that there are an endless amount of ways to please guests – with the hope that they will return and recommend your vacation accommodation to friends and family.

If you genuinely like helping and pleasing people, putting smiles on their faces, then you are on to a winner because that is what the hotel business is all about – and if you own a tourist business in one of the most beautiful places in the world – you already have a head start!

Have You Got Talent?

Most Costa Rica hotel owners would agree that you’ll never know when a certain skill or talent will come in handy.

For many small hotel owners, the ability to carry out quality repairs on their property has helped them when it comes to their profit margin.

If you have a genuine competence in about plumbing, carpentry and electrics you can save yourself a fortune.

Eco Tourism Destination – South Pacific, Costa Rica

A once secluded area, the South Pacific was an unknown paradise waiting to be explored. Fast-forward to today and this area has experienced incredible growth.

Escaping mass development that has marked other coastal areas, towns such as Uvita are thriving through a measured combination of tourism, real estate and commerce.

With multimillion dollar infrastructure improvements resulting in improved highways and shorter driving times, this area is now opening up its wonders to many investors looking to profit from the hospitality industry.