For those of you dreaming of building your own affordable home in Costa Rica, this series of articles will show you what’s possible working with a modest budget. This is my own vacation home and you can track our progress because I took lots of photographs and published articles so you can see what we did and, I have made it crystal clear how much it cost to build. This type of rural location and rustic, wood panel construction is not everyone’s cup of tea but, we love the cozy, earthy, natural energy of a home built from wood and, although we’re only 15 minutes from a small town it’s our refuge, an oasis of peace, with silent, star filled nights and beautifully clear, sunny days. This home could be located in any one of a hundred, different, beautiful rural locations in Costa Rica. There are so many stunning places in this country where great deals can be had ‘if’ you have the time and energy to find them. We built a two bedroom home, with one huge bathroom, an open plan liv