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Europeans Waking Up To The Evils Of Central Banking

Mario Draghi, Chief Bankster of the European Central Bank (ECB), was trying to give a press conference when a woman jumped up onto the table in front of him shouting “End the ECB dictatorship”, or as she spelled it on her shirt, “Dick-tatorship”.

Ten Tough Questions On Video With Attorney Roger Petersen, Author of The Legal Guide To Costa Rica.

To rent or buy this 54 minute video with Costa Rica Attorney Roger Petersen please visit our Video On Demand page here.

De-Dollarization & The End Of American Hegemony Is Leading The US To Nuclear War

The United States is very angry that it is not getting its way. Therefore, it is testing nuclear weapons in California. As RT reports:

FATCA Quickens Push For Monetary Independence From USD

It’s been a while since the whole FATCA charade has annoyed me enough to spend more time writing about it, but recently, a series of events have finally caused me to return to this sordid subject.

Is This the First Nail in the Coffin of Citizenship-Based Taxation?

US citizens who expatriate — those who give up their citizenship and passport — don’t get a lot of respect.

Will A Repeal Of FATCA Save The Livelihoods of Millions of Americans?

There are so many topics I’d like to talk about at the moment, that I’ve had a hard time to decide which one to focus on today.  Therefore I’ve decided to try and give a few briefs on more than one current event, the topics of which I haven’t seen any one else discussing.

What Happens When Big Brother “Privatizes” Debt Collection?

It’s bad enough to have the IRS or another government agency after you. But when Uncle Sam — or even a state or local government — hires a collection agency to chase after you, things can go downhill fast.

Lord Rothschild Pulls A Marc Faber: “Geopolitical Situation As Dangerous As Any Since World War II”

We have been portending turbulent times ahead for our subscribers for some time now, and we have, over the years, been in increasingly good company.

A Perfect Conspiracy

I write this sitting on my rooftop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  The temperature is 72 degrees F.  The sky is blue and cloudless.  There is an occasional light breeze.

The Biggest Criminals Write Laws That Make Their Crimes Legal.

Giannina Segnini is the director of the investigative team at La Nación newspaper in Costa Rica. This month she was awarded one of Latin America’s most prestigious distinctions, the Gabriel Garcia Marquez award for excellence in journalism.

Why Another Country Just Caved in to FATCA.

I’ve written frequently about FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. This one-sided law forces other countries to enforce US tax laws.

Shareholders Public Registry In Costa Rica Is A Serious Threat To Privacy

There are many reasons and entities which refuse that idea, for instance the Industry Chamber (Camara de Industrias) already stated that this can even jeopardize the safety of the shareholders, not to mention, blackmailing and even extortion.

End Of American Empire: De-Dollarization Will Isolate The U.S.

The end of the American empire is happening before our very eyes and it is astonishing how, among the preponderance of information, people still do not see the writing on the wall.

Are You Making This Superstar’s Mistake?

Just about every middle-class and wealthy family in the US uses household help at some point. Babysitters, maids, gardeners, nannies…

Get Your Kids Out Of Public School

The face of socialized “education” is really starting to rear its ugly head now.  It’s always been bad but now it is going nightmare-level bad very quickly.