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Roger This will be three separate articles with the three different videos when we have the transcripts ready, in the meantime, I wanted to give you the opportunity to review each of the three videos. To watch this short video, please click on the small white triangular Play button in the middle of the screen […]

Dr Dre Forgot THIS When He Claimed To Be Hip Hops First Billionaire

In his 1996 hit song “Been There, Done That,” Dr. Dre rapped, “I ain’t got no time to wait around for illuminati, I gotta make a billion before the year 2-G.” Whether or not you believe in the so-called “illuminati,” Dr. Dre was hinting at an underlying urgency he felt to strike it rich in a big way before society went down the drain. billionaire?

$67 Millions Stolen from Kim Dotcom By US Government Standard Protocol

Kim Dotcom, friend of freedom and innovation, has been entangled in court drama ever since his house was raided in New Zealand.  It should be noted that Kim Dotcom is not American, did not operate in the US and did not live in the US…

Is Costa Rica Scaring Away Pensioners and Retirees? New Immigration Proposal Appears to Do Just That

I am often asked to speak to retiree groups about living in Costa Rica and as part of that discussion the top issue on peoples mind besides the cost of living is how to acquire Costa Rican Residency which would allow them to live legally in Costa Rica.

Applying For Costa Rica Residency? Why bother? Part II of II

Legal Employment. Yes… certain conditions must be met under specific categories. A bit more work, but legal residency for certain business owners will definitely provide opportunities. This includes diminished tax exposure from both the IRS and Hacienda in Costa Rica. (No capital gains tax here.) Zero exposure from Revenue Canada.

Why Bother Applying For Costa Rica Residency? Part I of II

There are good practical reasons to get residency if you plan on staying from 91 to 365 days per year. Maximum time on any tourist visa is 90 days. (Note: Tourist visas are issued automatically to U.S., Canadian, Australian, Brazilian and E.U. passport holders at their immigration point of entry.)

5 Reasons Why Laura Gutierrez Will Get Your Costa Rica Residency Approved Quicker And More Efficiently Than Any Attorney!

residency in costa rica

Through very close affiliations, Laura has met many of Costa Rica’s best legal minds. It’s a small country. The majority of these barristers are hard working, competent, ethical and off-the-charts smart…

You, An Accidental Terrorist? Thanks Ted Cruz

It’s bad enough that the US government has the authority to revoke your passport if you have a “seriously delinquent tax debt.” That little gem was buried in the 2015 Highway Funding Bill, which President Obama signed in December.

Make Sure You Protect Your Property in Costa Rica – And Your Heirs – When You Die.

This article is a true life story that is happening right now to a client of one of the agents that works in my group. My associate asked for my help and if I would meet with his clients. For Privacy reasons, I will only refer to him as the Client and have full permission to write about this.

Zika? Monsanto’s Roundup associated with smaller heads. 4/4

In a previous piece, I listed the top six causes for what is happening in the center of the storm, Brazil, where babies are being born with smaller heads (microcephaly) and brain damage.  One of those causes is pesticides/herbicides.

Is The Dreaded Zika Virus Another Giant Scam? 1/4

This is the word: The dreaded Zika virus!  Watch out!  It’s carried by mosquitos!  It can cause birth defects—babies are born with very small heads and impaired brains!

Zika: Genetically engineered mosquitoes causing smaller heads? 3/4

“Okay, boys, here’s what we do.  We’ve got this old virus called Zika.  It’s been around for 60 years that we know of.  It never caused anything serious.  A real dud.  But we’ve got to explain all these babies born with small heads and brain damage.  We’ve got to protect some important people and shield them from heavy blame.

The Best Place to Launder Money (Surprisingly)

Indeed, the evidence suggests that the US has neither the intention nor the incentive to end money laundering. Rather, it seeks nothing less than a monopoly in it. It pursues this monopoly by forcing non-US financial institutions to impose much stricter rules than those that are enforced domestically.