Exploring the forest from the ground is always a rewarding experience but short of transforming into a bird there’s really no way for us humans to enjoy the forest from any other perspective — that is until now.

Canopy tours (otherwise known as zip line tours) allow you to soar through the upper levels of the canopy of the forest, giving you unparalleled panoramic views previously only available to forest dwellers of a more avian persuasion.

The way this is achieved is through the use of zip lines stretched high above the forest floor using gravity as the means for propulsion. If you’ve ever been on a flying fox you’ve got the idea but if you haven’t then you are in for the ride of your life. While the views are nice this is not why most people go on a canopy tour- they go for the thrill of flying through the treetops as free as a bird – and with views to match.

Canopy tours are a growing industry and a few have cropped up in recent years to offer visitors to the Tamarindo area a chance to explore the forest in a unique and exciting way. It’s definitely a tour that your whole family will remember for a lifetime.

The New Monkey Jungle canopy tour is a popular destination which has seven different cables that are touted as the largest and the fastest. You even get to go upside if you can stomach that sort of thrill seeking experience. Views are spectacular from each of the platforms as you get a bird’s eye view of the ocean and the mountains, and catch glimpses of the many native animals that call the forest home.

Canopy Tours is another organization offering the fun and excitement of a zip line adventure through the treetops. They offer a variety of tours which cater to those of us who aren’t necessarily after an adrenalin rush right through to those who crave a little more excitement. This is perfect for the family unit as they have an easy zip line tour that caters from 4 years old and up, so the whole family can get in on the fun.

Canopy Tours also offer their high and fast zip line which zooms over the forest at break neck speed — so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. If panoramic views from the top of the forest canopy is not enough then you should definitely check out their zip line and ATV tour where you get to explore the forest from a different perspective on the back of an ATV.

Pinilla Canopy tours make the bold claim of having the most exciting zip lines in Costa Rica so they are definitely worth checking out. They have comprehensive tours which include bi-lingual guides, a snack of fresh fruit to top up your energy levels, 8 zip lines to zoom around on, and 10 platforms from which to enjoy the spectacular views. Transport is also available to and from the facilities for added convenience.

All canopy tour operators practice standards of safety to the highest level, so while the rides may be thrilling you are definitely completely safe throughout the entire experience. It’s something the whole family will enjoy that will create lasting memories of your time in Tamarindo.

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