If you are looking for an established small cafe type business located in ‘the’ best shopping mall, in ‘the’ most upscale geographical area of Costa Rica where there is significant upside profit potential, ‘Cafe Cafe’ should interest you.

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Located in Guachipelin de Escazu, on the main highway that leads west from San Jose to Escazu, Santa Ana and Ciudad Colon the MultiPlaza shopping mall is opposite the Intercontinental Hotel, the Plaza Roble Office Center and the soon to be opened Meridian Office Center.

The MultiPlaza shopping mall is home to many of the brand name stores that you would recognize even if you have never been to Costa Rica.

This is an excellent location which will have even more customers flooding in when the new Meridian Office Center opens.

‘Cafe Cafe’ is the name of the business and has been established on the lower level of MultiPlaza for ten years. It is conveniently situated next door to Cemaco (home furnishings type store) just under the moving staircase that’s takes you up to and down from the upper level.

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Just being able to provide the kind of reliable office delivery services that one sees in every US city could bring in thousands of extra dollars each month. Although I have not personally inspected the books, after US$1,500 monthly rent and salaries etc., the owner assures us that in February, March and April 2008 he grosses US$12,887 – $14,156 per month and that he nets around $5,000 – US$6,000 per month from the business.

Since the dissolution of his marriage, the owner wishes to return to his home country in South America and would like to sell this business.

All necessary permits are in hand and up to date for the cafe, a new three year lease has just been signed and this would allow the new owner to stay on the premises under the existing terms until August 2010.

We can personally vouch for the fact that this business has been well maintained for many years as we know the owners and we have met numerous people here for business. The staff seem to be happy working here and with a little bit of imagination, I think business could be improved dramatically.


According to Restaurants For Sale you will see that restaurants are typically valued based on gross sales or on cash flow. ‘Cafe Cafe’ is profitable and therefore is valued on it’s cash flow.

The asking price of US$150,000 is within the normal range (150% – 350% times cash flow) when evaluating a business of this kind. This business has been established for about ten years in this location so that adds value and of course it is ‘the’ #1 mall in Escazu which is also important.

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