Costa Rica Real Estate – Buying or Building a House in Costa Rica is Different …

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Having said that – should you buy? Absolutely!

If you have a serious interest or have definitely already decided to invest in Costa Rica real estate, go ahead and do it! Costa Rica is a remarkably beautiful country. The beaches and mountains would be hard to duplicate anywhere in the world. I love it here.

My name is Rudy Mathews, I have a home in Heredia which is just outside the capital city San Jose and it’s thanks to successful real estate investing that I am able to live here in Costa Rica …

After dealing with a variety of lawyers, construction companies and banks in Costa Rica I am now on a mission to inform and advise anyone thinking of or in the process of buying Costa Rica real estate.

You may have heard of a ‘horror story’ about Costa Rica real estate and the people who have been taken advantage of…. There’s no need to dwell on the negative but instead, be that educated, well-informed person that makes the intelligent decisions before and during your transaction.

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Gather as much information as you can, get informed and if you wish, talk to me! Preventive knowledge is better than remedial. Remedial is where you lose your money. As stated earlier, if it is your wish to own Costa Rica real estate – do it but do it carefully.

I will be writing a few Costa Rica real estate articles that will be informative and should provide you with interesting tips and guidelines concerning Costa Rica real estate.

Over the next few months, we will look at the following topics:

1. Who will protect you in a Costa Rica real estate transaction?

2. Escrow and deposits or ‘Show Me The Money!’

3. The ‘registro’ is an important tool in Costa Rica.

4. If anything happens – we’ll sue! Yeah right!

5. Buying vacant Costa Rica land.

6. Negotiation and contract clauses that will protect you.

7. Buying as Costa Rica condominium and LIVING!

8. Taking title to property in Costa Rica.

9. Avoiding fraud in Costa Rica – It does happen!

10. Is Costa Rica real estate a good investment?

11. Why use a title company?

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Rudy Matthews has more than twenty years experience buying, selling, managing and constructing houses and apartments. As an independent personal advisor/consultant, Rudy’s main objective is to protect you, save you money and eliminate frustration. Rudy’s knowledge of negotiation, contract clauses that protect you, construction and improvements will be an invaluable service. His understanding of Costa Rica real estate will prevent you from being taken advantage of.

Written References:

“I met with Rudy the night before finalizing a contract to buy in Costa Rica. After listening to the history of the house for sale, Rudy concluded there would be a problem with the title. He was right. I saved money!” Joquin Brant, CT. USA

“Rudy advised me not to sign the original contract for my house in Costa Rica. He changed the terms and conditions and definitely improved my position as the buyer.” Joe Gannon, San Rafael, Costa Rica

“Rudy was my advisor throughout the building of my house in Heredia, Costa Rica. His advice in dealing with lawyers, construction companies and the bank was very professional. He definitely saved me money and frustration.” Terry Ortiz

“Rudy provided details concerning my condominium purchase in Costa Rica. Even more valuable were his insights into condominium living such as maintenance fees, special assessments, by-laws, and condominium associations.” Melvin Goldberg

“Rudy took control of apartments I own in Tampa, FL. Under his management, a positive cash flow was realized, he later found a buyer, did the contracts, and was my advisor at the closing. Rudy is honest, reliable, and professional. If I buy in Costa Rica, he will be my first contact.” Bruce Titus.

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