Michael Holm, originally from California has lived in Costa Rica for over 15 years. Like many before him, he came here on vacation and ended up building a B&B in Dominical which he eventually sold in 2001

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Over a period of about ten years, Michael then built about 35 custom, luxury homes in the Dominical area. Michael later moved to San Isidro which he considers “less touristy” and a “better place to live” and although he no longer builds customs homes, he does still build beautiful homes on his own San Isidro properties for sale.

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Construction materials and other costs associated with building homes are rapidly increasing but at this moment in time – June 2008 – Michael is building American styled homes with the best local materials available for US$60 – $80 per square foot plus the cost of the land so for around US$250,000 you would get a truly luxurious home “for a fraction of the price you would pay in California.”

One of the biggest challenges he – and many of us have – faced when he first moved to Costa Rica was the language. In those days there were far fewer gringos in the area and he believes that it takes the average person about a year to become “funcional” in the Spanish language but he is now very proud that he is able to communicate in Spanish.

As an American living and working in Costa Rica, he feels that life here is frustrating on only a few levels but especially if you have a ‘Type A’ personality. At 78 degrees year round, he loves the climate and “it’s a great place to live” but, if you have a ‘Type A’ personality, you have to push yourselves down a notch to ‘Type B+’ to feel more comfortable here because people take things a “little easier here.”

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Michael Holm feels that one of the secrets to being happy living in Costa Rica is to always remember that you are living in another country. By all means, “bring the best parts of your culture here” but “don’t try to impose your culture” on Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Living & Building Video Interview: To watch this short video with American builder Michael Holm, please click on the small white triangular Play button in the middle of the screen below and allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

You can see photographs of Michael Holm’s newest ‘American Built San Isidro Home For Sale’ for US$325,000 here.

Looking For Your New Home In San Isidro, Costa Rica?

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