There is a moment when sincere effort, compassion for the human condition and dedication to excellence realizes a new level of success.

Dr. Mario’s devotion to these principles has defined his practice for the past 20 years and he is literally building on the fruits of that success that will continue to benefit his patients.

Last week, in Guachipelin an area of Escazu, the builders put the roof on Dr. Mario’s new dental office. Here in Costa Rica that is a cause for celebration so Dr. Mario and his wife Dra. Priscilla served an on-site buffet to all the construction workers as a way of saying thanks.

As everyone was enjoying their dinner Dr. Mario and I strolled around the two-story building as he described to me what each still unfinished area represented.

We started on the second floor and looked out on the beautiful vista of rolling emerald green hills that overlook his building dotted with homes with the ubiquitous terra cotta roofs so familiar.

Guachipelin, for your information, is a stones throw away from Dr. Mario’s old office in Escazu just the other side of Multi-Plaza Mall.

The street the new office is located on is dotted with everything from a Japanese-Korean-Filipino restaurant to the gallery of a world class environmental photographer and, yes you guessed it, a brand-spanking new McDonalds….two stories to boot..(I can hear the groaning now).

As we walked the second floor Dr. Mario pointed out where his new state-of-the-art laboratory will be located and the greater capacity and response time his patients will enjoy.

Then something entirely unexpected. He showed me where he plans to locate two suites for clients who prefer to remain on premises. There will be one (2) and one (4) person suites that will be completely furnished for overnight stays. Also there will be an elevator between floors and all entrances will be handicapped accessible.

As we walked down the steps to the first floor he showed me the new working area layout. As you enter there is a very large and (he assured me) very comfortable waiting room. He led me past the reception desk to where the new consulting rooms will be located.

In all there will be five of them where he and his staff can perform any and all dental procedures and oral surgeries. As we moved past the consulting rooms there is a new feature, a post-op recovery room where patients can rest comfortably.

No bums rush to the front door, but rather a quiet place to recover at your own pace. From there they will be able to view a magnificent Japanese garden as they sip on a cool, yogurt smoothie.

Then we progressed on to the staff offices when Dr. Mario stopped at a rather small cubicle, well more like a large closet with some machinery and pipes gurgling in the background.

I asked the significance of this ‘space’ and he explained with his Cheshire-cat smile that I was looking at my office! Then, as we moved on, I contemplated the benefits of working standing up while rationalizing the ‘gurgling’ in the background as a meditative Japanese waterfall. The power of positive thinking!

As we reached the front entrance Dra. Priscilla joined us and as we looked back at the building I could see a very happy and proud young couple who had come so far together, with so much yet to accomplish.

Now the news about the great new perks for our qualified VIP Members of dental clients will receive starting immediately.

From the beginning VIP Members could qualify for round-trip airfare rebate of up to US$500 which has been very well received. But now through some good negotiating I would like to announce two more perks.

  1. Qualified VIP Member clients will now be eligible to receive a credit for two (2) days car rental (not including insurance) and/or…
  2. A complimentary professional massage treatment at the 5 Star InterContinental Hotel in their exotic and beautiful Spa facility. The Spa is less than a 5 minute taxi ride from Dr. Mario’s current and future office and is luxury personified!

So, Scott Oliver – the founder of, Dr. Mario and myself all invite you to discover, even truer than before, safe, affordable and excellent dental work in a state-of-the-art facility with a outstanding dentist who Blue Cross Blue Shield chose as a preferred provider for their US policyholders.

Dr. Mario is a Blue Cross Preferred Dentist in Costa Rica.
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