We are always looking for ways to help save our VIP Members money and if you would prefer to pay up to US$15,540 less than everyone else buying a brand spanking new condo in Jaco then listen up because we are the only people that can do this for you!

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One of the experienced developers with a proven track record we know well, who is famous for building extremely affordable apartments near San José is finishing off their first buildings in Jaco beach on the Central Pacific coast.

This company has built more than 10,000 apartments in Venezuela and Costa Rica, they have more experience in building affordable apartments than practically any company operating in Costa Rica.

Their new Jaco condo project is located just 200 metres (656 feet) from the north end of Jaco beach which is an easy walk even on a hot, sunny day. There are no ocean views but as you probably know, you would have to pay about five times as much for an ocean view in Jaco…

When it’s finished, there will be nine, seven floor apartment buildings surrounding the large swimming pool area with lush landscaped gardens.

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These Jaco condo apartments range in size from 89M2 – 100M2 which is 956.64 square feet up to 1,076 square feet and they are simply the most affordable condos that we know of at the beach especially when you read that central air conditioning and many appliances are included in these low prices.

The Following Appliances Are Included In Your New Jaco Condo:

  1. Central A/C (Provided by a Trane 3.5 ton. unit)
  2. Frigidaire Washer/Dryer Laundry Center
  3. Frigidaire 18.2 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator w/Ice maker
  4. Frigidaire 2.0 Cu. Ft. Built-In Microwave Oven
  5. Frigidaire 30″ Electric Smoothtop Range
  6. Frigidaire 30″ Overhead Range Hood.

I know the management executives of this company and have also met the Venezuelan owners and feel comfortable recommending this project to Costa Rica real estate buyers looking for remarkably affordable apartments.

Truly Affordable Jaco Beach Condos:

When Lorenzo first drove me down to visit the Jaco beach project earlier in 2006 to discuss their plans, their marketing and pricing, his pre-construction prices started at $90,000. They sold two buildings in one weekend.

Those low, low $90,000 prices that we first showed our VIP Members are now history! The Costa Rica real estate investors that heard me say that this Jaco beach project was a high-probability, low-risk investment a few years ago are extremely happy that I said so …

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Potential:

Prices for these Jaco condo apartments have risen about 40% over the last 18 months when they first started selling at pre-construction prices.

Jaco land prices in general have more than quadrupled in the last three years and we fully expect the prices to at least double again in the next 3-5 years.

Jaco Condo Apartment Prices Now?

  1. Prices for the units to be delivered in February 2008 range from US$183,200 – US$232,000.
  2. Prices for the units to be delivered in April 2008 start at US$154,000.
  3. Prices for the units to be delivered in May 2008 range from US$129,500 – US$149,000.
  4. Prices for the units to be delivered in June 2008 range from US$129,500 – US$149,000.
  5. Prices for the units to be delivered in July 2008 range from US$141,500 – US$162,500.
  6. Prices for the units to be delivered in August 2008 range from US$141,500 – US$222,000.
  7. Prices for the units to be delivered in September 2008 range from US$159,500 – US$205,000.

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Prefer To Pay Up To US$15,540 Less Than Everyone Else?

The lowest price apartment available is US$129,500 (to be delivered in May) and the highest priced apartment is US$222,500 (to be delivered in August) which means that if you work with us – and this special offer is only available through us – you save a minimum of US$9,065 up to US$15,540

You can see Part II and more photographs about the Best Value Jaco Condos Near The Beach here.

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Written by Scott Oliver, author of How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa and Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore.

This new feature was created at the request of numerous VIP Members who have asked us repeatedly to recommend experienced developers with a proven track record who are building quality homes in Costa Rica.

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