Whatever information you’re looking for, it is wise to be careful where you find it …

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Many people click through the internet searching for information about various aspects of life in Costa Rica and think that because it’s there ‘in writing’ that it must be accurate. It may be, but please do your homework

Someone with real estate for sale will naturally be very enthusiastic about his geographical area but, is it suitable for you?

Only you know that and you’re only going to verify that fact by visiting the area, not just once, but preferably a few times during the summer as well as the rainy or ‘green’ season.

For twenty years, I have been a professional, Wall Street trained investment advisor, now specializing in offshore mutual funds and hedge funds. I have professional qualifications and can prove in writing to qualified parties that there has never been client complaint filed against me during all that time in business.

I’m not writing this article to find new clients, I have enough to do and the funds I represent are incredibly selective with the types of new clients they will accept .. I write this to encourage you to always check up on your sources!

You can also find some useful information in the local English language newspaper. Some of it is good however, if you’re reading an article written by an intern making $500 per month, that person probably isn’t much of an expert.

I’m not criticizing the writer for lack of experience, we all have to start somewhere. If you are making an important life decision though, you must find up to date information from real ‘experts’ and not trainees…

Especially when it comes to your money. Although they have a disclaimer that is a “Warning To Our Readers Investment Alert” this newspaper accepts advertisements that most people in the developed world would laugh off as an April Fool’s Day joke.

In last week’s issue, one can again see the large “Can You Double Your Money? We Can!” advertisement asking you to email the company at their Yahoo.com email address.

Any firm that wants you to email them at an anonymous email address should set the alarm bells clanging in your brain… And why they need your money if they can double their own money on a regular basis is not explained…

Another advertisement is from “Cambridge Investment Strategies a subsidiary of Esquivel Financial Services” which according to their ad’ is: “A worldwide leader in offshore financial services and investments…”

If this is Vinicio Esquivel’s new company then you need to be careful because according to the same newspaper just three months ago, he “… is under investigation for fraud” and, despite being a ‘worldwide leader,’ they don’t actually have a website.

Please remember that in Costa Rica, any ‘Tom, Dick or José’ without any qualifications or training whatsoever can call himself an ‘investment advisor’ or a real estate ‘broker’ so please do your homework before you invest a dime!

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