When considering the purchase of Costa Rica real estate, my good friend and Costa Rican attorney José Rafael Fernandez who wrote the Top Ten Gringo Legal Mistakes likes to advise his clients about his Three Golden Rules:

  1. Rule Number One: “If someone is trying to sell you any kind of Costa Rica real estate and can not, or will not provide you with the ‘folio real‘ number (a property registration number) so that you can verify the ownership and physical details of that property then you must be very, very careful indeed.”
  2. Rule Number Two: “If the property is owned in the name of a corporation it would also be wise to get the identification number (known as a ‘cedula‘) of that corporation so that you can verify that the corporation is in good standing.” At this point José will add that; “There is no reason why a legitimate seller of real estate in Costa Rica would refuse to give you this information.”
  3. Rule Number Three: “Please read rules number one and number two again!”

Lic. José Rafael Fernandez is an Attorney at Law. He is a ‘Tico’, born in Costa Rica, from Tico parents, grandparents and great grand parents. José has been in private practice as an International Law counselor in Costa Rica since 1985. He works mainly with foreign clients from Europe, Canada and the USA who are living in or doing business in Costa Rica.

A note from Scott Oliver – Founder of WeLoveCostaRica.com – José Rafael Fernández has been known to me since 1999. He is a close personal friend and he has done a tremendous job for the clients that I have recommended to him…

The following unsolicited testimonial was also received:

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“I wanted to write to you to thank you, and let you know that attorney José Fernandez whom you recommended was just awesome!” Kim Moore, Oregon. USA.

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