The Buddhists believe that without mastering your thoughts, you can’t master your actions and it would seem that the Ticos (the Costa Rican people) seem to have mastered their thoughts more than most.

After living and working here for seven years, there has not been one single occasion when I have encountered a Tico who has lost his temper, I have never encountered what some would call road rage or heard a Tico scream at another in anger which one would see every day in most places.

When a frustrating situation does arise, not only do I remember the teachings of our more enlightened human beings but also try to imagine how one of my good natured Tico friends would react.

In looking around the world today and the grotesque state of affairs we have in so many countries because someone covets their natural resources, there’s some fabricated enemy that supposedly threatens all of us, or some other people feel that their race or religion is superior, we might wonder if perhaps the humble and peaceful Ticos have their mental intellectual affairs more in order.

Costa Rica has no nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, no army and as a country it threatens no other because that’s how the Tico’s and their leaders think…

The Ticos don’t verbally threaten anyone with physical violence and when you and I may still be harboring more aggressive thoughts after an incident, a Tico would already have dismissed it in their minds and continued enjoying their lives. Puravida!

There are a few Ticos who want to live what they believe is the America dream however, based on what we are seeing, there are far more Americans dreaming of living in Costa Rica and enjoying a peaceful, sunny and more tranquil life.

Yes! The majority of Ticos are fairly poor people but they tend to smile more than all of the millionaires that I have ever known…

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