We are so lucky to be here in this beautiful country with such loving people.

Our communications to friends and family back home are filled with “it’s so nice here”. I love the weather and the people are so friendly and gracious. Do you feel me? If you love Costa Rica, and it’s people, please continue reading and let me give you the chance to be even more fulfilled and happy living here in Costa Rica.

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Indulge me! First I want you to go back in your life and remember what it felt like when a parent, friend, teacher or stranger offered to help you. Remember that moment when their love and guidance helped you? Their belief in your made a difference in your life. For many, the moment was not so significant at first, but in time it proved to be more memorable and rewarding in some way.

Many do not so easily see the challenge here, as it is not openly discussed. Just like many things that are a problem in Costa Rica, it’s not discussed but avoided. It is typical behavior to avoid conflict. People are taught to accept things and show respect. Divorced mothers often loose the support of religious friends and family.

If they do not receive financial support from their separated or divorced husbands, they do not make waves, although the legal system is there for them at no cost. Many simply do whatever they can to survive. Without any education, training, resources or a family support system, many simply accept a life of surviving month to month.

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My Mother’s Angels are asking for your participation. We would like to help single mothers create a better future for their children and themselves. Our method of combining Micro-mentoring and Micro-finance is so mothers can start small home based businesses. We provide mentoring specific and flexible to each mother’s situation and business goals.

Training, education and mentoring are provided free. Mothers who can show sufficient progress will be provided the seed resources and money necessary to create a small home based business. This method of micro-funding has proven to be very successful for thousands of women throughout the world. This process combined with micro-mentoring allows women to help other women. With each success more mentors are created as well as more funding.

Why participate? Because the reward goes to everyone who participates. Anyone will tell you the gratitude received from helping others is the best reward in life. The tears and thanks bestowed on you will be high on your list of great memorable moments. Many people who retire loose their purpose in life and great moments seem to be something of the past not the present. “One truth in life is that fate favors the bold”. Make your truth be told and act.

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Please accept our invitation to be an ANGEL. No matter the size of your heart, you can make a difference. A little time and money can be your gift to Costa Rica.

You may send your financial support to Banco Nacional Colones Account # 20001006065001-2 C/O John Brewer (Founder/Director) –My Mother’s Angels. We are located in San Isidro de Grecia and we hope to see you at one of our pizza party fundraisers.

Sincerely, John Brewer Cell: 8400-1929 — No Voicemails Please.

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Are you into beautiful Costa Rica?

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