If you were to ask about where do Americans concentrate in Costa Rica the answer you get would undoubtedly be that Americans are literally scattered all over the country.

Where Americans decide to settle down in Costa Rica really depends on their ideal type of lifestyle.

Some might enjoy long walks in the rainforest so would gravitate to the mountainous coastal regions. Others who prefer a more modern lifestyle of shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants and beauty salons, so they would gravitate towards Central Valley.

Everywhere you look around Costa Rica you are greeted with year round warm temperatures, low-cost living, and affordable health care for all – but those Americans who have a lot of life yet to live should cast their eye to a little up and coming coastal town by the name of Tamarindo. Tamarindo is a thriving resort town attractive to Americans for a number of reasons.

Tamarindo has long been considered a haven for the young at heart who still have time left and want to spend it playing. A new life in Costa Rico, Tamarindo is compelling. The draw of old world charm with modern environmentally driven ideals is hard to resist. As Tamarindo is such a beautiful place to live there are plenty of expat Americans choosing to create their new life here so you should have no problem forging new friendships.

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There are certain lifestyle changes Americans need to get used to when starting a new life in Tamarindo. First off it’s a much slower more relaxed pace of life. If you’ve been a busy person tied down to a schedule this can take some getting used to. As most of the population is Caucasian one of the best ways to spot an American is by the halting Spanish. Life will be much easier if you learn the local language.

Mosquitoes are a constant menace but you’ll soon become accustomed to preparing yourself against them with the appropriate sprays and lotions. The weather is warm all year round but with the varying landscape there are plenty of micro-climates that are much cooler, so even if you don’t particularly enjoy the heat you should be able to find a nice location more to your liking to settle down in.

Tamarindo is one of the most developed areas with a reputation for the best surfing and even better partying — if that’s possible as the surfing really is pretty good. The beaches are superb and remain a popular attraction for both kids and adults alike. As such it has been well developed with plenty of hotels, bars, and restaurants for both visiting Americans and those wishing to make a more permanent change to their lifestyle.

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