The old saying goes, “behind every cloud is a silver lining”. In regards to real estate in Costa Rica, the cloud has been there are some areas that are so popular and people had so much disposable income, prices rose so rapidly that the average person could not even afford a modest home near the beach.

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The cloud in recent years is the huge down turn in the world economy, and specifically to Costa Rica’s neighbors to the north.

So where’s the silver lining?

The silver lining is that in some areas prices are more affordable for the average buyer which is definitely the case in the beach areas along the Central Pacific Coast.

Recent years saw a tripling and quadrupling of prices, but in many of these cases it was simply the asking prices that increased that much in a very short time.

A couple of years ago in debating some who kept saying the real estate market was down 300%, I argued that what was down 300% was people’s unrealistic “asking” price, not selling prices.

Many people purchased properties at the peak, expecting to double and triple their investment in 12 to 24 months like investors did just a year or two earlier.


“Not being able to sell a property for 300% more than you bought it for does not define a down market.”


In many cases and especially in the cases of properties purchased in questionable developments, it simply defines a “bad investment”.

The down turn in the economy, especially in the United States is forcing a lot of people to change their plans for their investments they made here in Costa Rica. Many people bought homes and land in Costa Rica as an investment and had no intentions of making it their primary vacation or retirement location.

Some of these owners now are deciding it’s time to sell their properties for a realistic price and simply move on…

That opens a lot of doors for those that are actually looking at Costa Rica for their primary vacation and retirement investment. This is making a huge difference for those who felt they could no longer afford a home near the beach.


Affordable Homes Near The Beach In Costa Rica.”


Some current listings that are excellent, affordable buys in the Central Pacific area just south of Jaco are the following:

  • 2br 1.5ba home in gated community, walk to the beach – $110K
  • 2br 2ba home in a gated community, walk to the beach – $110K
  • 2br 2ba home in gated community, partially furnished – $127K
  • 2br 2ba home in a gated community, walk to the beach, fully furnished – $139K
  • 2br 2b custom built home on ¼ acres, all custom wood work, with pool – $225K

There is an excellent builder in the area we work with that can build, to U.S. standards a custom built home on approximately ¼ acre for $225K to $245K range, including the lot, with pool, fenced yard, and all the lush landscaping you would expect to have in a new Costa Rica home.

Finally there are affordable options for people who want to be close to beautiful beaches here in the Central Pacific.

Costa Rica Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher.

Affordable Oceanfront Condos For Sale in JacoA fun beach town for all the family.


For more information about condos, homes and land for sale in the beach town of Jaco and surrounding areas please contact our Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher
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