My name is Larry Snyder and I have lived and worked overseas for over 15 years.

I started as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching welding and continued as a contractor and construction manager on some of the largest projects in the world.

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When my wife and I decided to retire we wanted to live outside the U.S. and so started at least 2 years of research! We knew about Costa Rica from other expatriates we had worked with on previous contracts. Now was the time to really learn what it was all about in Costa Rica!

First I searched on the internet every site I could find from government sites to individual pages. I contacted everyone I knew that had ever been to Costa Rica and eventually I began to narrow my search to the best information in my opinion.

I found and started comparing Scott Oliver’s information to many others and became more confident in his ability to provide accurate and reliable information.

I also checked out Scott by contacting an attorney in Florida and having him check credentials as well as references. When I felt secure enough I flew to Costa Rica and met with Scott and traveled the country looking at real estate.

I then went home and did more research! My point being you must THINK for yourself and not accept anything without verification!

When I returned to Costa Rica on my next trip, I then visited many of the developers listed on and narrowed the field to the ones I thought were the best investments!

That is how I decided to buy two condos at the CONCASA project! Scott and the people I have met all have been very friendly and helpful but again, I THINK for myself!

I have a great deal of construction experience so when I visited CONCASA I could see for myself the quality of the construction.

The company building this complex has the ability and experience I expected in a project in which I wanted to invest my hard earned dollars!

The location is on the western edge of San Jose and very near the areas that are developing the fastest. The amount of open space between the buildings, the security, the views, and the location all are better than other places I visited.

Some people are looking for the million dollar home and they are available but, my objective was a good investment! With the baby boomers retiring and more people moving to good retirement locations I feel that I have made a solid investment decision.

The real estate here in Costa Rica is continuing to appreciate and being in on the first phase of CONCASA made the possibility of living there or renting them for a profit look good to me!

The size and price made this an easy decision and the management at CONCASA, the attorney and other professionals I have used have all performed to my expectations. In a couple of weeks all of the paperwork will be complete and we will move into one apartment and probably rent the other out.

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Written by Larry Snyder – VIP Member.

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