On many sites, including this one, there is a banner below the body text of the portal page, just above the teaser columns, that looks something like:

 Latest Articles

If you want to add a banner like that to any of your pages, departments, or portals, here’s how.

All you have to do is place the following code whereever you wish the banner to appear:

<table width=”100%” border=0><tr bgcolor=#ffcc00><td><b><font color=navy> Latest Articles</font></b></td></tr></table>

In the above code, you can change the color of the banner by replacing the bgcolor=#ffcc00 with the color of your choice, and you can choose a different font color by replacing the color=navy with the color of your choice.

To change the text, replace the words ‘Latest Articles’ with whatever text you wish to appear. To have a space below the banner, just enter a blank line by pressing the Enter Key.

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