As we near July 25th, which is the annexation of Guanacaste Day, I feel it’s best to talk about one of the many aspects of that day–the typical dance.

Have you ever heard of the typical dance in Costa Rica? I’m not talking salsa, merengue or bachata.

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There are actually several ‘typical dances’ known in Costa Rica. My two sons, Kian and Elijah, were born in Costa Rica and have grown up in Guanacaste. Lucky them!

They get the joy of not only being bilingual (thanks to the great Bilingual school they attend, La Paz) but they are blessed to learn about the history and heritage of this amazing province.

Elijah is five years old and just ended his last year of Pre-school at La Paz. Their end of year show consisted of a typical dance demonstration which was absolutely amazing. You wouldn’t think a class of pre-schoolers could give you so much entertainment as such a young age.

The Punto Guanacasteco is the most easily recognized of traditional dances: as marimbas tap out the beat, women two-step toward partners who try to court them. Guanacaste is known traditionally for their cattle ranches.  Many of the dances act out a farming story. 

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What the girls wear:

The traditional costume for girls consists of a sleeveless dress with thick ruffles on the shoulders and a long skirt.  The top of the dress is normally white and the skirt is usually shiny and  stitched with a variety of vibrant colors.  Finally, the outfit is garnished with a bright red cummerbund which is tied around the waist.

What the boys wear:

The traditional costume for the boys is simple but elegant, like the women, men wear a plain white top and a bright red cummerbund around their waist.  They wear white, tan or brown pants, despite the warm weather.  The outfit is topped off with a cowboy hat and a bright red scarf that is tied around the neck.

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If you are in the Guanacaste province from July 18-July 26, be sure to stop by the typical fiestas in either Liberia or Nicoya. You will be able to see some of the aspects of these dances along with the typical ‘tope’ or horse parade, concerts, rides and more!

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A Typical Guanacaste Dance Done By Pre-Schoolers To Celebrate The Annexation of Guanacaste Day.

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