This is a unique property located in the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains and on the border of the Parque International Amistad in southern corner of the Valley General. Four separate plots of land make up this 958 hectares of fully titled land for sale in Costa Rica.

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This property spans from one major river or watershed to another. Both rivers that make up the property borders on 2 sides are rivers that originate inside the primary forests of the Parque International Amistad, which I believe is Central America’s largest national park. The waters flowing in these 2 rivers are some of the cleanest waters in the country.

The property is located at an average elevation of 3.500 ft. The land is made of a genteel slope and 90% useable land. Not the steep radical broken ravines that some properties are made up of. Along the edges of the 2 rivers and leading out of the steeper areas of the watersheds is primary and secondary forest.

There are several year around springs originating from the property producing good volumes of water. One of the better springs is located at the top of the property thus making it an excellent source of gravity feed water to most areas of the finca.

This property was originally a working cattle ranch with over 800 hectares of working pastures. The pastures have not been maintained in some areas for over 16 years and there is now 3rd generation growth is one area. Inside this area wild life is flourishing with many of the local animals from small wild cats to large, deer, wild pigs, and many of the bird species that inhabit the foot hills of the Talamanca.

A large percentage of this finca can be brought back to pasture land for cattle ranching and live stock. Also this is an excellent property for those that are looking for a re-forestation property.

The property has a rustic home on it that is in good condition and can be fixed up for a temporary or primary residence. Because of the gentle sloping geography of this property there are an unlimited number of natural building sites throughout the property.

From most all areas of this property there are views of the entire Valley General. Also in the very upper section of the land there are views looking down the Rio General and on to the Pacific Ocean. There are actually distant views of the Pacific at the mouth of the Rio Sierpe and Isla Violin.

Also please note that there is an air strip on the property that can be cleaned up and put back to use again. The original owners used aircraft to access the property before the current roads were improved.

There is excellent access to the property. You can drive right up to the property in 2 wheel drive on good roads. There is a good public road that runs through the property on the very very far left side of the property that ends in the National forest above.

This road provides excellent access to the property and does disturb the makeup of the land. Public water is available along the public road and is provided to the house that is on the property now. Electricity is 5 km away.


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This property can be used in several ways. It can be brought back to a working cattle ranch, reforested, or because of it’s size and diversity a combination of uses from reforestation, ranching to nature reserve, eco tourism on the forested sectors and into the park above, or private estate.


958 Hectare Costa Rica Farm For Sale – US$2.2 million


  • 1.5 hours from San Isidro De General
  • 1.5 hours from Palmar Norte and air port at Palmar Sur.
  • Air strip on the property
  • Excellent access
  • 90% useable land
  • Many natural building sites
  • Rustic home in good condition
  • Public water, electricity within 5 km
  • Several year around springs originating from the property.
  • Bordered by 2 major rivers
  • Distant ocean views

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