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Who doesn’t like shopping? Some people don’t, others just love it. Shopping is one of the main reasons, besides the many other amenities, anybody would want to live in Escazu or Santa Ana. That’s because the fastest growing area on the west side of San Jose has plenty of shopping places waiting for you.

Not only do we have some huge shopping malls and smaller strip malls in our area. Mixed development was finally introduced. Now you’ll see commercial and residential solutions together in one building.

That way, you don’t even have to get in your car to do your shopping. You can just hop in the elevator and get your pizza or have your hair done. Avenida Escazu, Distrito Cuatro and Escazu Village are good examples.

Let’s go and meet them, so you will know where to go and what’s in them, moving from east to west.

Trejos Montealegre
Trejos Montealegre is really a strip mall. You’ll find it on your left when you come off highway 27 into Escazu. This strip mall offers several banks, the Harley Davidson store, a hair studio, a spa, a health & nutrition store, a gun shop and others. There is a Peribásicos grocery store across the street. Parking is a bit tight, especially around the banks.

Escazu village

When I’m writing this, Escazu village is still under construction and to be finished sometime during 2017.
Escazu Village has 132 residential units, an office area and three large commercial anchors. You can reach Escazu Village by driving off the 27 into Escazu, immediately on your right, next to Walmart. They have a Yamuni department store, the Universal book / gift / toys / beauty / baby /technology / home store,
Escazu village will also offer movie theaters, a pool hall, a children nursery, a swimming pool, a pharmacy, a health store, optics and a few restaurants. They have great parking.

Atlantis Plaza
Atlantis Plaza is another strip mall, but a nice one. Atlantis Plaza is located off the 27 straight into Escazu, you’ll see it on your left. It holds an Automercado grocery store, an esthetic center, a bank, health & nutrition, a gym and a couple of restaurants. Parking on the upper level is tight but there is plenty on the lower level.

Plaza Itzcatzu
Plaza Itzcatzu is right off highway 27, across from the Multiplaza Mall. Plaza Itzcatzu is one of the best malls to find great restaurants. You’ll find Italian, Argentine, Mexican, Australian, Peruvian and others. There is also a Hooters. This strip mall offers a pharmacy, a couple of bars, a coffee shop and an ice cream parlor.

Distrito Cuatro

Distrito Cuatro is another mixed development with offices, condos and shopping in the same place. This center has an Automercado grocery store, lots of restaurants, a coffee shop, a pharmacy and some other stores.

Combai Mercado Urbano
This is a small urban market, an interesting place to visit. They have like a central market, a small department store, a furniture store , a coffee shop, a pizza place and others.

Multiplaza Escazu
This is the largest mall on the west side of San Jose. Multiplaza Escazu is a large shopping mall that is comparable to any mall in the United States. There is an Automercado grocery store, a couple of department stores, many clothing stores, banks, a food court, restaurants, jewelry stores, movie theaters and many others. There is plenty of parking but paid.

Lindora road in Santa Ana
Along the Lindora road in Santa Ana, you will find several large strip malls like Vistana Oeste and Vistana Este, City Plaza, an Automercado, many restaurants and bars and now the new Terrazas Lindora.
Terrazas de Lindora has a central plaza with lots of open areas, movie theaters, restaurants and all kinds of stores.

Those who live near those stunning malls in Escazu and Santa Ana do so because they are looking for a life style. Aside from restaurants, coffee shops and movie theaters, the west side of San Jose has a couple of golf courses, sports facilities and about 100 Beauty and Spa centers.

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