Surfing is extremely accessible and fun in Tamarindo! There are so many shops with enthusiastic employees wanting to teach you about surfing. To practice, it’s really cheap to rent a board.

For example at Matos Surf shop, you can rent a board for $5 for 5 hours (you won’t need more than that if you are learning) or $10 for an entire day. Most surf shops let you rent for the week, too, and some hotels offer some sort of discounted rate for lessons/rentals.

Also make sure you go surfing at high tide, because there are a lot of rocks in Tamarindo at low tide. Surf lessons shouldn’t be more than $35 and remember to leave your instructor a tip.


One of the best ways to explore Costa Rica is by ATV! You can take ATV tours or rent some out by yourself if you have experience. They are perfect for exploring the muddy streets of Tamarindo during rainy season, cruising along beautiful coastal roads and enjoying the views.

One of the best routes is through the town of Santa Rosa, which leads to a canopy tour. Other tours take you through tropical dry forests, mountains and along the beautiful beaches to catch sunset. 

Picnics on the beach

There are several supermarkets in town where you can stop to pick up groceries to make your own sandwiches and snacks. The sun sets between 5:30 and 6pm, so make sure to set up camp with enough time to eat and enjoy the beautiful view.

Wear/bring mosquito repellent, because sunset is prime time for mosquito bites. Usually the closer you get to all of the surf shops and restaurants, the more surfers and tourists. The closer you walk to the point that separates Langosta and Tamarindo, the quieter it will be. Bringing a soccer ball isn’t a bad idea either!


Biking is another inexpensive and easy thing to do, and you don’t need to hire a guide to go exploring. You can rent bikes for roughly $25-$35 dollars per day, depending on what type of bike you want. There are many local trails in Tamarindo. Make sure you lock up your bike if you leave it unattended to go into a store or restaurant.

Soccer games

Go make some local Tico friends and find out when the pick up games are. It doesn’t cost anything, and it will probably be one of the most unforgettable things you do here. Every town has a soccer field, ours is near Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. There is another one in the town of Villa Real.


There are a lot of amazing hiking places in Guanacaste. You can go by yourself, or hire a tour guide. Shuttles leave Tamarindo everyday for scenic hotspots like Rincon de la Vieja and other nearby national parks. Contact the Blue Water concierge for more information.

Farmers Market

The Tamarindo Farmers Market, also known as the “Feria”, happens every Saturday from 8am – 1pm. Here you can find local produce, jams, butters, jewelry, etc. It is located right on the beach, next to The Loose Moose and La Cabana Blanca.

There is also a Feria in Villareal every Friday (the next town over — it only costs $1 in collectivo (shared taxi) to get there).


For the adrenaline lovers, ziplining is the best way to see Costa Rica’s natural beauty! There are more zipline tours in the Tamarindo area than you can count, so ask the Bluewater Concierge for recommendations. Make sure to wear/bring mosquito repellent, closed toed shoes, and comfortable/water resistant clothes.


Paddleboarding is extremely accessible and cheap in Tamarindo. You can find paddleboards right on the beach, local surfers set up tents that rent out boards for $5-$10.

Make sure you don’t go at high tide because of big waves. You can also rent paddleboards at some of the local surf shops or adventure companies. Check with your hotel / hostel to see if they have any discounted rates.


If you have your own gear, you can go snorkeling for free at any of the beautiful beaches in Guanacaste! The island in front of Tamarindo is really nice for snorkeling — but if you take a bus/taxi a few towns over to Playa Conchal, that’s where the real magic happens!

If you didn’t come with your own equipment, no worries. You can rent/buy some at most local surf shops, supermarkets, or adventure companies.

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10 Fun Outdoor Activities in Tamarindo

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