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Located on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Playa Grande Costa Rica real estate invites visitors from all over the world to enjoy world class beaches, surfing in the warm waters of the Pacific and the incredible experience of seeing nesting leatherback sea turtles. Playa Grande real estate is like no other in the world with its perfect location near enough to Tamarindo beach for plenty of fun, restaurants, and nightlife while it retains its privacy and peaceful tranquility. Homes, vacant lots for building, gorgeous condos, and beachfront property in Playa Grande make it simple to pick exactly what you are looking for in your Playa Grande Costa Rica real estate purchase.

Playa Grande Costa Rica Real Estate

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Visitors and locals appreciate the tranquil beauty of Playa Grande Costa Rica beach real estate especially when compared to the much busier Tamarindo beach just down the road. The pristine blue waters of the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica make this area one of the prettiest when it comes to celebrating a love of nature. The warm tropical breezes blow year-round in Playa Grande, and its temperate climate mean that any month of the year is perfect for spending time on the beaches. Exciting turtle watching tours on the protected sands of Playa Grande beach real estate, a kayaking adventure through the swaying mangroves, or snorkeling in the warmth of the Pacific make this location spectacular for beginning that new life in Costa Rica.

Taste adventures begin with fresh seafood, which includes native Costa Rican dishes like gallo pinto and olla de carne along with scrumptious favorites from French, Caribbean, and African cuisine. Combined with the warm climate and the variety of real estate for sale in Playa Grande, the food and the adventure is spectacular.

Choose from single family homes with prices beginning at around $250,000 and rising upwards to several millions of dollars with large estate options that include five or more bedrooms. Condos in Playa Grande offer brilliant views of the sandy beaches and prices begin at around $150,000 and topping out at several millions of dollars depending on the location and the views. Empty lots for sale in Playa Grande begin around $50,000 and share views of the mountains, the jungles filled with monkeys and tropical birds, and oceanfront beauty.

Homes For Sale in Playa Grande

The market of homes for sale in Playa Grande Costa Ric is excellent due to the upswing of ecotourism in the area. Close to Tamarindo beach with its nightlife and great surfing, Playa Grande beach real estate offers homes for sale that suit any lifestyle. Single family homes are at a premium in Playa Grande because of the nature of the beaches. The Costa Rica government monitors beachfront property closely to protect the endangered leatherback sea turtle. This means that beaches are closed for several months out of the year overnight, while the turtles lay their eggs.

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Homes for sale in Playa Grande include beachfront beauties in gated communities that are close enough to the beach for a leisurely stroll. Beginning around $300,000, these types of homes include full-time management services, some utilities, and community pools. Private homes outside of gated communities are also available beginning around the same pricing. Estates with many bedrooms or large lots begin around $750,000 with higher prices dependant on the views of the gorgeous beaches.

Condos for sale in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, feature modern architecture and amazing views. Condo pricing begins at around $150,000 for smaller two bedroom condos that share views of both the Pacific ocean and the jungle backgrounds. Larger condos and penthouse views of the unforgettable ocean sunsets top out at several millions of dollars depending on their location and amenities.

Playa Grande Costa Rica, real estate also includes vacant lots in gated communities that are perfect for building that dream home in a tropical paradise. From approximately $95,000 to $200,000, these parcels can be used for most types of single family home construction although height limits are restricted depending on the location.

Condos For Sale in Playa Grande

Condos for sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica make the perfect location to create a new lifestyle with an established community surrounding your family. From towering penthouse condos that provide balconies from the master bedroom overlooking the ocean to smaller condos with open patios to enjoy the gentle tropical breezes, condos in Playa Grande Costa Rica, are diverse enough to suit any taste. Perks of purchasing condos in Playa Grande Costa Rica rather than a single family home include use of the community pools, barbecue areas, and private walkways to the undisturbed white sands of the Playa Grande beaches. No upkeep of the manicured lawns is required since condo homeowner’s fees are used to ensure everything looks spectacular year-round.

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Although privacy is not quite as guarded when you buy condos in Playa Grande Costa Rica, the fun and friendly atmosphere of these communities invite people from all over the world to celebrate a love of natural beauty and wonderful weather. Most condos in Playa Grande offer access to local restaurants as well as on-property restaurants and bars along with internet access and air conditioning throughout the buildings. Living a short distance from local grocery stores and hospitals makes it simple to plan a new life when you buy a condo in Playa Grande.

Playa Grande Real Estate FAQ

Do I need to create a corporation to buy condos for sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica?
No, you can purchase land, a condo, or a single family home in Playa Grande in your own name rather than forming a corporation for the purchase. Many investors do choose to hire a local attorney to form a corporation when buying real estate in Playa Grande in order to save money on income taxes and better prepare for retirement.

Do I need a local partner to buy real estate in Playa Grande?
No, you do not need a local partner to purchase real estate or even beachfront property in Playa Grande Costa Rica. Because the Costa Rica government treats foreign purchasers in the same way that local landowners are treated, it is not necessary to have a local partner. It is still a good idea to work with a local real estate agent in order to ensure that any real estate purchased has a clear title.

Are the beaches restricted when it comes to construction in Playa Grande?
Yes, beachfront property in Playa Grande Costa Rica is actually quite restricted by the Costa Rica government. This is because Playa Grande is considered to be one of the most important leatherback sea turtle nesting sites in the entire world. Due to the desire to protect the sea turtles, the beachfront areas are closed to use during several months of the year. Homes built on beachfront property are restricted to areas away from the high-tide line and also have height restrictions to preserve views.

Land for Sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica

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Real estate for sale in Playa Grande Costa Rica is some of the most spectacular on the Pacific coast. This makes it an excellent investment for anyone who is seeking a spot for the construction of that dream home in a tropical paradise. Land for sale in Playa Grande includes vacant lots that begin around $50,000 with gorgeous wooded backdrops. Near enough to the beachfront of Playa Grande that a five minute walk takes you into the surf, lots are also available in established communities with well-traveled roads, grocery stores, and hospital access.

Large parcels for sale in Playa Grande include one or two acre homesites that are near the coast beginning at around $85,000. These parcels offer plenty of room to garden, grow fruit trees, or start that eco-friendly farming adventure from your dreams. Bike rides along established roads lead to the gorgeous beaches, and markets and hospitals are just a short drive from these lovely areas.

Also for sale in Playa Grande are spectacular ocean view lots that contain several acres or even hectares for the construction of the grand estate. Playa Grande beach real estate includes fertile soil and plenty of space for farming make these very large parcels perfect for a set of bungalows designed to provide tourist income, a cattle ranch with space for your horses, or even groves of pineapples and other tropical fruits. Beginning around $200,000, large parcels of land are located near the beaches and a short drive from local hospitals and restaurants.

Construction in Playa Grande is most closely monitored near the beachfront areas due to protection of the beaches by the government of Costa Rica. Beachfront property in Playa Grande Costa Rica includes lands that range from $200,000 to several millions of dollars with rates varying according to location and views offered.

Summary of Living in Playa Grande

A fantastic condo or a beautiful single family home on the shores of Playa Grande is definitely a dream fulfilled. Whether you are a lover of the moderate temperatures, a surfer at heart, or have a passion for protecting wildlife, Playa Grande Costa Rica is definitely a location to consider for when you search for real estate. From delicious fresh seafood to tropical drinks made from locally grown fruits, Playa Grande has something to offer for every palate.

Spend an evening on the shores with a guided tour of the sea turtle sanctuaries or kayak in the guarded estuaries for an unforgettable adventure. Playa Grande Costa Rica invites you to invest in your future with a gorgeous home, a grand estate, or even a beachfront lot waiting for your brand new tropical home.

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