Costa Rica Real Estate Investors Kit – All you ever wanted to know for only US$99

Don’t you wish you could easily pick up the local Costa Rica newspapers, real estate magazines, books about how to buy real estate and a guide to the laws applicable and everything else you would need to help you avoid expensive ‘learning experiences’ and make a great real estate investment?

Well now you can!

Have you ever wondered why it’s such a challenge to find Costa Rica property at the price you want? We are going to show you why and …

We can show you how you can find the Costa Rica real estate ‘deals’ that most people miss out on with the Costa Rica Real Estate Kit.

One of the biggest problems you face as an English speaking buyer of Costa Rica real estate is that you are understandably only going to notice the advertisements, magazines and websites that are in your own language – English!

If you search for “Costa Rica real estate” on Google, you will find over 2,280,000 pages listed! – That’s more internet pages than we have bananas! And how many of those sites actually have affordable Costa Rica property? – The answer is none! Nada!

They want to sell you the highest priced real estate that’s available because that means more commissions for them… But, few pople will try to help you find good value Costa Rica property! Until now …

We will give you the information you need to help you find the right property at the right price

One of your best sources is ‘La Nacion’ which is the most influential Spanish language newspaper. In their real estate supplement on Saturdays called Metro Cuadrado (square meter), you can read about properties all over the country and see hundreds of classified ad’s listed and you don’t worry about not speaking Spanish because…

We’ll teach you everything you you need to know to understand those advertisements!

You will quickly see that the advertising in ‘La Nacion’ is targeting local Spanish speaking people and the advertising in the English language weekly newspaper – the ‘Tico Times’ and practically everything on the internet, is aimed at higher income English speaking people and there’s a big difference.

Here’s Why This Is Important To You: The last time we examined the hundreds of classified advertisements for houses and condos for sale in both ‘La Nacion’ as well as the ‘Tico Times’, here’s what you would have discovered:

In ‘La Nacion’ 59% of the classified advertisements were for properties under US$100K and the average sales price = US$91K. In the ‘Tico Times’ = 20% of the classified advertisements were for properties below US$100K and the average sales price = US$125K so….

  • If You Are Looking For Luxury Real Estate? You will be safer working through our ‘Preferred Costa Rica Realtor’ referral program because we KNOW who is honest, qualified, experienced and we also know many who are NOT and who you should not be doing business with!
  • If You Are Looking For ‘Affordable’ Real Estate: Every single day in the newspaper, you can find hundreds of advertisements for new homes selling for under US$200K and there are many more that are simply not advertised.

You may even find the home you are looking for in the mail when you receive your Costa Rica Real Estate Investors Kit.

Now you can now get one step closer to owning your own dream home in this land of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles with the Costa Rica Real Estate Investors Kit which includes:

  1. Your Tips & Traps Report about Costa Rica (18 pages). Some amusing but all informative to help you make a sensible decision.
  2. A recent issue of the Inmobilia Real Estate Magazine will show you hundreds of affordable properties all over the country… Pacific and Caribbean beaches, rain-forest lodges, B&Bs at the foot of a volcano and homes everywhere else…
  3. A recent edition of the Costa Rica Real Estate Guide Magazine. Over 100 beautiful glossy pages of real estate for sale all over this ‘rich coast’ of Costa Rica.
  4. A recent edition of Casa Galeria real estate magazine which features luxury real estate throughout Costa Rica.
  5. The most recent Saturday edition of La Nacion (The largest circulation Spanish newspaper) which includes the ‘M2’ real estate supplement where the ‘Ticos’ find their ‘deals.’ It’s a great way for you to start becoming familiar with the Spanish language and ….
  6. The Quick & Easy Gringo Guide To Understanding ‘La Nacion’ Advertising! Once you understand the abbreviations, you will know exactly what’s being offered, we will show you how… (Eight pages)
  7. A recent edition of the Tico Times newspaper (Costa Rica’s largest English language newspaper) which will show you what the current ‘hot topics’ are amongst the English speaking community.
  8. Costa Rica Outdoors Magazine (English) Get a taste of all the wonderful things there are for you to do in the great Costa Rica Outdoors from bird watching, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, hiking up a volcano, surfing and much more…
  9. Map of Costa Rica – A colorful 8″x8″ map so that you can start to learn more about the geography of this rich coast of Costa Rica.
  10. Top Ten Legal Mistakes Made By Gringos in Costa Rica. José Rafael Fernández is a ‘Tico’ Attorney at Law and when it comes to legal mistakes made by foreigners in Costa Rica, José has just about ‘seen it all before’ so we should take note from his experience. (Eight pages)
  11. Costa Rica Legal Guide – A comprehensive 348 page book by US & Costa Rican attorney Roger Petersen.
  12. Costa Rica Real Estate Closing Checklist – A four page analysis of the eleven crucially important items you must take care of before and after closing on your new property in Costa Rica. Written by US & Costa Rican attorney Roger Petersen.
  13. Plus …

  14. Your own copy of the How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa book (200+ pages)

The Costa Rica Real Estate Investors Kit detailed above is priced at only $99 which includes shipping and handling expenses all the way from Costa Rica., Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods
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As soon as your order has been confirmed, your Costa Rica Real Estate Investors Kit (which includes a signed copy of the new real estate book) will be sent to you from Costa Rica by certified mail. Please allow ten business days for delivery.

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