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“Obamacare 911” – What US Expats Need to Know About Coverage & US Taxes Abroad

Summary: For US residents, Obamacare has wide-reaching implications and will affect both the financial landscape of healthcare as well as coverage options. US expats, on the other hand, may be exempt.

American Expats & How ObamaCare Affects YOU!

As we begin to enter October 2013, most American Expats are wondering where they fit into this expectation of mandatory medical insurance and if they will have Internal Revenue Issues if they don’t participate with a so-called Qualified or Acceptable medical plan?

5 Easy Steps to Secure the Correct Overseas Travel Medical Insurance Policy

A worry free travel experience is what we all aim for, unfortunately many times it ends up with accidents or illnesses that are completely unexpected and if you are not prepared it could cost you dearly. Enjoy your trip carefree and seriously look into a Travel Medical Insurance policy.

U.S. Healthcare Reform – Wake Up Americans!

I’m sure all of you have been following the health care debate here in the USA; especially those U.S. expats… Tax the Rich and give to the Poor… kind of like Robin Hood, Right?

U.S. Expatriates and Your Medicare Benefits Insurance.

I was compelled to do the research and write this article because of the numerous amounts of e-mails I received from U.S. Expats concerned about their Medicare “A”, “B” & “D benefits and how they would apply to them once they reached age 65 and beyond while living outside the United States?