Costa Rica Videos

Why Do People Leave Costa Rica? Exploring cultural differences with free online video with Eric Liljenstolpe.

Eric Liljenstolpe (pronounced lillianstolpe) helps people understand the difference between cultures and has helped thousands of peope who are thinking about moving to Costa Rica…

All Notaries Are Lawyers But… Not all Lawyers are Notaries. Free introductory video with Attorney Rick Philps.

All Notaries are Lawyers, but not all Lawyers are Notaries. Notaries are required to complete a post-graduate degree in Notary and Registry Law, and must be a Lawyer and an active member of the College of Lawyers for at least two years, prior to becoming a Notary.

Cost of Living in Jaco, Costa Rica. “We spend about $75 per week on groceries for the two of us…” Free video.

One of the biggest keys is your grocery bill. While many North Americans are paying a premium for fresh and organic foods, Costa Rica offers fresh food at a fraction of the price.

The South Pacific’s Most Vibrant Festival. Envision 2012 on March 1-4th

Billed as one of the region’s most exciting family orientated events it’s time to head to Bahia Ballena on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica. To be held from the 1st to the 4th of March it’s an excellent opportunity to get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the most positive festivals in Costa Rica and one that my kids are really looking forward to.

Don’t Mess With The Ticos On The Soccer Field! Video shows Costa Rican goalkeeper defending himself against a drunk fan.

Playing in Amsterdam on the 21st December 2011, to Costa Rican goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado it looked as if the furious Dutch fan rushing towards him on the soccer field was either drunk or on drugs and, he thought he had a knife…

|Festival de la Luz 2011. Parade photos and free fireworks video|

The excitement of the enthusiastic Tico families who arrived early to stake out their spots to see the parade and the fireworks which are all part of the Festival de la Luz parade were not dampened by the light rain that fell on them …

Retirement Living in Puriscal Video – Happy Altos De Antigua customer video with Gary and Debra Chohamin from Florida, U.S.

Debra says that: “I find the people wonderful, I love the climate, it’s somewhat similar to Florida but nothing at all and I love the lifestyle, it’s very laid back, easy going, no hustle no bustle, a whole lot less stress and a much brighter future. I’m really looking forward to having some serious commitments with friends and reconnecting in a family sort of way here.”

Running and Reggae in Tamarindo for a Good Cause. With free video.

This year, the goal of Ruta La Paz II was to build on that success and continue to unite participants of all ages and skills through positive healthy sport while raising funds for scholarships at La Paz Community School. All proceeds from Ruta La Paz are dedicated to the La Paz Scholarship Program, which currently provides scholarships for 21 motivated students.

“The Ocean is a Great Teacher.” The Ocean Healing Group makes a HUGE difference in the lives of these young people…

The ocean is a great teacher. We had some strong, capricious currents and a couple of rip tides such that the volunteers had to double their efforts and work together, but they still got the kids safely in the water every day. It was fabulous.

Retirement Living in the Charming Little Town of Puriscal. The basic scoop plus free video of the area…

Previously, the Puriscal region was known as Turkey Tail, named by Mr. Jorge and Jesus Retana, who traded here when there were only a few resident families. The county name comes from the evolution of the word purisco, which refers to the time when the bean is in flower. Puriscal originally was a place known for their crops of beans.

The Joys of Living in Costa Rica with Michael Simons and his Topless Girlfriend Millie! HD video interview and photo included…

Michael loves the Ticos (the Costa Rican people) and the friendliness of the people and says that: “I’ve never felt more welcomed anywhere in the world… I’ve never felt like I was foreigner here.”

Living In Costa Rica With Monkeys Outside My Window. Free baby monkey video.

I finish my cup of coffee while watching the baby monkey swing back and forth; her joyful play makes me want to go zip-lining. If I can’t have my speedy internet, I can at least fly through the canopy attached to a steel cable.

Enjoy Costa Rican Cooking in Chicago. Irazu restaurant video.

Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives goes to Irazu in Chicago, Illinois, a mother/son duo who serves up Costa Rican classics like chicharron with pico de gallo and Pepito sandwich with steak and black beans.

U.S. Real Estate Market. “We may not have appreciation or equity in our homes for 30 years.”

“I think that homeowners greatest investment, and the way they can retire on money, being housing is a dinosaur,” he said. “We may not have appreciation or equity in our homes for 30 years.”

Adventurous Nature Lovers Love Living in Sierpe, Costa Rica – Video

Bird and wildlife watching opportunities are numerous, and vary greatly as the river transitions from fresh to salt water. Sightings of white-faced, howler, and squirrel monkeys are common along the upper reaches of the main river and all throughout the small tributaries.