Costa Rica Videos

Take a Five Minute Costa Rica Video Break! The best of Costa Rica.

Produced by Andre Araujo this terrific 5:36 (5 minutes and 36 seconds) video shows you the best of Costa Rica images with footage from La Fortuna, Arenal Vocano, Manuel Antonio, Jaco Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Monteverde and Playa Conchal.

Yoga in Atenas, Costa Rica. Leah MacLauchlan – A yogi in the Garden of Eden! Free video slideshow.

I am always curious as to what motivates people to make the move to Costa Rica. Leah and her husband Jim moved to Costa Rica from Canada 11 years ago and settled in the little mountain village of Atenas. I asked Leah, “Why Costa Rica?” Leah said, “My husband Jim and I liked taking exotic vacations and Costa Rica was one of those destinations.” While at the beach in Playa Ventana, Leah asked Jim, “Why don’t we create a life in a warm climate like this?” That is where it began, with a simple question.

Brits Living in Costa Rica – 12 Reasons Why The British Prefer Costa Rica To Spain – Free online video

Costa Rica is a place of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles with spring-like weather all year round, zero income taxes on foreign earned income, zero capital gains taxes, zero VAT, excellent world-class medical facilities, affordable medical plans and populated by the ‘Ticos’ who are an amiable and very attractive people.

Costa Rica Video Filmed By Dominik Gubi

This is a short (under 4 minutes), very well made video by Dominik Gubi from Austria of his recent trip through Costa Rica.

San Isidro Labrador’s Parish Church. American artist Scott K. Wimer investigates…

San Isidro Labrador Parish is a structure of formal aspect of Neo Gothic style, a copy of late French Gothic. It is called “neo” because it was built using the technology of the moment and in this case, it is a reinforced concrete structure (concrete-lined steel). The galleries are copies of the Church of Notre Dame and the columns are copy of the transept of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Costa Rica Orchids – Six for only US$25 means this is a great place for orchid lovers. Free video slideshow.

Professor Edgar Suarez is our kindly Costa Rica orchid tutor and he and his cheerful wife Idania obviously have a real passion for orchids. They welcomed us into their small, comfortable home in the center of San Jose where the Costa Rica orchid course is held in their luscious back garden

Costa Rica Luxury Homes For Sale in Atenas – Are you looking for a special home in the best climate in the world? FREE VIDEO.

Atenas is a quaint small town conveniently located about halfway between San Jose and the Central Pacific beaches. It has become a very popular retirement town because of its tranquility, safety, and claims to have the best climate in the world.

Festival De La Luz Parade and Fireworks Display. Free Video

Saturday the 12th of December 2009 was the Festival de la Luz in San Jose, Costa Rica and for ten minutes we enjoyed a terrific show of fireworks in Parque La Sabana from the top floor of my building…

How I Got Monkey Fever in Costa Rica and How Infectious It Could Be For You! Free ‘giggling’ monkey video!

A cute little baby howler monkey by the name of Angel was my inspiration. I came across Angel’s photograph on the internet when I was researching Costa Rica and my life changed as instantly as hers had.

Whole Lamb BBQ – Parilla Argentina con Cordero a la llama! Que rico!

A day full of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles and a group of good friends… Ticos, Argentinians, Gringos, a Guatelmalteca and a Brit! We had a blast!

Luxury Homes and Apartments in Trejos Montealegre de Escazu. Free online video included.

If it’s good enough for some of the most important diplomats in the country, then maybe it’s good enough for you too… Many people ask me why I loved living in Trejos Montealegre de Escazu, here’s why.

Why Canadians from Calgary AB are Choosing to Retire in Puriscal, Costa Rica. Free video

Even simple things like eating at a rustic restaurant where you can catch your own fish for supper, or discovering a new fruit or food that you’ve never tried before…, normal, regular simple things that are in abundance in Costa Rica.

Atenas Real Estate Market Update… 2012 reality check! With special video message…

Another big factor in the stability of our property values here in Costa Rica is that we do not have a mortgage crisis as in the United States. Getting financing in Costa Rica is difficult, especially for foreigners, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Costa Rica Real Estate. Top 14 tips to sell your home fast for the best price with free video.

With very little effort, you can make your Costa Rica home for sale much more attractive to potential real estate buyers and increase it’s sales value by following a few of our Help-U-Sell Your Costa Rica Home Tips:

Costa Rica Living in San Isidro – Free online video interview with John & Sheelagh Richards originally from Scotland and Wales, UK.

John Richards (originally from Wales) and Sheelagh Richards (originally from Scotland) came to Costa Rica in 2006 after “working very hard for many years.” They both had the opportunity for an early retirement but “didn’t want to sit back in England and do nothing.”